Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas past update

Jan read the Christmas Past post and flashed back to kindergarten, where she played with a refrigerator and stove and told the kids “These are mine.”  In reconstruction, she surely is right. 

The  kitchen goods, on thinking back, were given by Grandma Rolf.  Our house was small and toys we weren’t playing with had to be put away.  My brothers’ model airplane collection hung from wires suspended across their bedroom ceiling.    There would have been no place to put the refrigerator downstairs and upstairs would not have worked.  Our unheated bedrooms were too cold for play in the winter and in summer we were outa there.  Our ever practical mother would have schlepped the playthings up to Forest Hill Elementary School at the first sign of boredom.

Jan and I had a good laugh.   

The fridge AND the stove.  Same jammies.


  1. Ah yes...the toys that were intended to prepare us for womanhood. Yikes!

  2. I bought our grandson an inexpensive set about two years ago; his father is the cook in their house.. which probably explains why Harry still enjoys 'cooking' with it!

    I love your old photos and memories.

  3. I had similar toys but I never got the hockey skates I wanted. Why? For the silly reason that I was a girl!!!! Sigh. I was liberated at age 9 so I played in figure skates!!! LOL

    Happy Christmas!!!!!

  4. Soooo cute! My sisters had toys like those. I had lego. And books. Huh. How did I end up being the one with the most kids???!