Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Shuffling a bit ragged

Hello, all. I wrote last the middle of last week, Wednesday. Since then I just kept straightening. As Shelly's muscular, furniture moving friend said, "You've made it look homey". Kind of him, and I have. All that needed finished was the loom area, and that happened Sunday. Shelly and I straightened out the entire thread situation and we left it good to go.

Sunday night I rounded up the trash to put outside the door at nine p.m. Shuffling along with my cane and another bag of trash I caught a right toe with a left toe, and holy memory of my last fall, I was down in a perfect face plant. My forehead, my glasses and my nose flat on the tile floor. Also my left knee and right palm. Only my nose broke.

Another ambulance ride, this time about nine-thirty at night. They CT'd my brain and x-rayed my knee and other things they were concerned about. Home about three in the morning. A nurse opened all the doors and the ambulance fellows wheeled me back to my door. I asked them to put out the trash as they left.

I was able to get an eye doctor appointment for today. I learned it has been more than five years since I purchased these frames and lenses. They can do little for the nick in the left lens. You can see it there, at the end of my eye, there on the right. So I bit the bullet and bought $650 worth of new frame and lenses. In two weeks I'll look quite different.

Tomorrow I'll work on an ENT appointment. I doubt anyone would want to mess with a broken nose right now. I was thinking you all must be pretty fed up with such a disastrous specimen. The good news is, nothing broke but my nose. The worst bit of that is being stuffy and the trail of blood I managed to keep on the tile. When I came home from the hospital, it was cleaned up. 

So between my bouts of drama, I have registered to vote! Clearing the most important jobs off my desk first! I probably should get an absentee ballot, but I can't do that until I know my name is registered on the polls.

We should also be thinking long and hard about our Florida and Canadian east blogger friends. Knowing they are loved can help when facing a storm stronger than they are. Now I'll post this and go read blogs.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Back on the internet

Hello. I'm in my comfortable desk chair, and falling asleep every couple of minutes. It's 4:33, and at five sharp I should be seated at the dinner table and looking engrossed in the conversations about me. So, there will be a long period of silence in this post. That's probably a good thing; I just took a series of pictures of the state of affairs, but they have not yet loaded.

It was a grueling move. The two young men had me out of the old place in two hours flat. But it took them six hours to load me into here, and that through no fault of their own. I am in the middle of everything in this building; no shortcuts I noticed. Down an excessively long hall, up one level, and retrace the route to the end of another hall. Brutal. That means a lot of walking for me, too, and I intend to become accustomed.

I'm sure you'd prefer a tour to homily's, so here goes. Come in a door, past the bathroom and coat closet, past the hall table and the tiny kitchen. Nothing else is tidy, yet.

About face, to the main part of the room, which consists of the loom, the shipping table, the sewing table and some furniture. Lots of furniture, and I gave some away today.

The thread cupboard and the red sofa became a sort of wall from the rest of the room, which house the green chair, the computer and the "cat's room".

The computer is on the near end of the black table. Behind the green chair is a "window seat", two or three feet deep and equally as high. When I saw it, I saw a cat up there, owning the window. When all else is right, I'll find an old cat to live there. 

And finally, the closet bedroom. Everyone remarks on claustrophobia. If the room were a foot wider and had a window over the bed, it would be my childhood bedroom.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Closing in

I've concluded it's crummy to be 80 years aged and packing to move--by myself.  So I treated myself!

It probably is the best pecan roll I've ever purchased, and sight unseen, no less. The shopper deserved every bit of the tip I left her.

One room, the studio, is done. Complete. The bathroom is stripped down to toothbrush, toothpaste, my comb, soap and a towel.

I'm down to my bedroom, and boxes are beginning to pile up. Most of the shelves in the closet are empty. I have about ten linear feet of shelving in my new bedroom, plus the metal shelving I've been dragging behind me the last several moves. Things will have a home.

I'm not up for more than half a day of work, and the rest of today is to empty the black shelving into the U-Haul box and seal it up. And finish the pecan roll. And keep sending "you can do it" gifs to Shelly, for her state nursing board exams tomorrow.

The weather is decidedly colder. Mid seventies all week, back to eighty for the weekend.

Well, down to the last fork full; back to packing.

P.S.: I'm the only one keeping track, I'm sure, but for the record of the work of New York banks, the first replacement credit card arrived today. The three to five business days to receipt card. The card compromised Sunday, August 28th, arrived today, September 13.

And if you are familiar with Ohio, it was mailed from Westerville, Ohio. That town is located on the three digit interstate that circles Columbus and shoots traffic off to Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky. It takes less than two and a half hours to drive down Interstate 71 to Westerville. 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Back again

I just deleted a several page rant titled Screwed again by a New York Bank. I wrote it one week ago, on return from the last Peninsula Flea. I was quite ill, and lack of the anticipated replacement card was all I could manage.

Last Sunday: I woke for the necessaries. No card.

Last Monday: I woke for the necessaries and part of supper. No card.

Last Tuesday: Ditto, plus breakfast. I like breakfast. I get up for breakfast. Visited admissions lady, pocketed keys. Card arrived, picked up script and some food. (Out of food by now.)

Last Wednesday: I still slept all day, and ate some food, and wrapped my fingers around moving on the 19th. Went back to sleep.

Last Thursday: Made two boxes, packed one. Read some blogs, ate some food, slept a lot.

Yesterday: Packed and napped.

Today: Packed a lot more and napped. 

The studio is done; the bathroom is done, except last minute stuff. It's a week to go and just my bedroom to do. Sounds like an easy week of packing and napping.

I must get back into a regular routine! Next week!