Where the towels live

This page is a collection of pictures of your towels. If you want us to see how the towels live in your kitchen, in your house, send a picture. You will have the honor of being the first picture on the page, until a new picture comes. No towel job is too small to show up here. I know what towels are used for, so don't be shy. I'll put a link to your blog, if you have one.

Making bread in Louisiana

The Ageing Female Baby Boomer


One of the gnomes we know lives with Debra in Edmonton, Alberta, has left the ship to climb the carafe and scout for trouble coming over the horizon. Carry on, good gnome!

Jennifer lives in Australia

She bought a towel a couple of years ago

Then she bought a loom and weaves her own towels

Yum, marshmallows

The entire girlette family crowding the lime green blanket 

for a ray of Minnesota spring sunshine


The rose goes to Pam
Silver Springs, MD

Straight from the dryer

A pop of color in Upstate New York!

Art brushes drying

Substitute saucer

The usual towel rod

A friend texted:
Warm in the microwave 45 seconds
For hours of relief

My kitchen
My dishwasher is not flush or recessed, it sticks out.
I put the towel as an "apron" to catch the flour falling down on the handle of the dishwasher

Allison's Post Work Thinking

And they match the stock pot!

Home on Darlene's oven handle

The best tea cosy

The best hot pad

Home grown raspberry jam 

cooling in Oregon

Sent by a former Buckeye

Tehachap Life is Good
Towels in Tehachap, CA

and a dish cloth from a scrap

British Columbia, Canada

Covid birthday party
"Sos Stangli" a Hungarian snack/appetizer

Kathy G., Missouri

Prince Edward Island, Canada

An apple crostata
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Ontario, Canada

San Diego

San Diego

Happy in the breeze
Monkey River Village
Belize, Central America

Washed lettuce

Pat, pat, pat

Salad and schnitzel dinner

My BFF has moved back to Ohio
"Camping out", waiting for the new house
Aurora, Ohio

London, UK

Richardson, Texas


San Francisco, California

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Wharton, Texas

Living under the Ellen's sink

Laurel, Maryland
"Three little towels from spools are we"



A gift to someone in
Chicago, Illinois
Bath, England

Bath, England
(In the wash)

Perth, Australia

South Australia

Cup on the Bus
Boston Township, Ohio


  1. I should have edited out the wine bottles...

  2. I selfishly like how so many of us put our towels on the stove door.

  3. I didn't realise your towels were so well travelled.

  4. It must feel good to see your work all over the planet!

  5. I come back again and again...it's all so charming.

  6. I love the towel as apron idea and may also try the heated towel for the back of my aching neck.

  7. I had some living in my sisters Christmas gift basket from December 2019. Didn’t see her on Christmas but figured it wouldn’t be long. Turned out to be almost two years. Flash forward to Summer 2021, and Christmas in July, they are now living in her kitchen. Wish I had taken a photo for you.