Friday, December 9, 2011

How he’s grown

Jan reckons he’s entered truancy.  He assimilated consequences for some behavior and limits counter trips to forays for plant leaves.  Especially philodendron, from the kitchen counter planter.  A piece he surely broke off has been stashed in the Christmas cactus pot, probably by his fairy godmother, our friend Dee.

There’s the evidence for the Grand Jury:  kitty teeth holes.  It would explain why he found his way to the top of the gardening cupboard.  He surveyed his find, found Christmas cactus even more delightful than philodendron, and removed a good portion to toy with on the ground.  Sadly, for Toby, he was found out by Jan even as he was in mid air.  He got what for, and refused to speak to the spoil sport for an entire day. He still speaks to me.

And performs other studio jobs:


  1. Nothing will ever be safe again, but you will have some pretty entertaining moments.

  2. He is so handsome; I love his white moustache. Life is never dull with cats around - and craft work is seldom safe either!

  3. He's gorgeous! And so mischievous! Entertainment and beauty in one package!

  4. and this all began at the Hampton Inn in Pittsburgh in June 2011. He is a customer with the 27 ft. rug now tells me that the two cats in his home skid into the rug and create a big rumple...oh well, that is what cats do...Toby is special-from day one.