Sunday, July 9, 2017

DC camera download

Today I relived my camera of the DC pictures
This is my final word on the topic, saving perhaps the ironic remark in passing.

February, some time, or early March.  Trip planners.

March 25, leaving. Caroline, Gma, Laura

March 26. It was quite cold, and we spent much of the day sightseeing from a bus.

One of many Smithsonian museums.

The Smithsonian has orchids everywhere. 
My orchid still blooms one stalk, annually.
No idea on increasing the output. 
Or, affixing the stick to straighten the stalk.

I wonder how much these pools take in. 
The desire to add a coin seems universal.

Hamilton, disheveled. That's the US Treasury behind him.

The girls are up there, somewhere, craning their necks.

Lincoln. The intrepid pair went.

Cherry blossoms, while I awaited the duo's return.

This is quite the sight. I've seen the sheep dogs in action.

I liked this memorial, to the people of Washington, DC in the great war.

The Jefferson Memorial, across the bay.
We planned to visit after we ate some supper.
So, we got on a bus...


  1. geese police - border collie - it would be great if they could be trained to keep leaders off of twitter.
    nice pics

  2. Well, I am glad to know that you and the girls got to enjoy some sight-seeing before the fall. I do love DC and you'll just have to go back and see and do all you didn't get to.

  3. Marc and I did the monuments sight seeing about 10 years ago. I was more affected than I thought I would be.

    1. I was, too. In those two days those two girls walked me to the vicinity of every monument except Jefferson. I was overwhelmed by them, impressed that the place is a national park, and rangers patrol to maintain its dignity. The Vietnam memorial remains too raw for me to visit; the girls had a matter-of-fact report on it. I wonder when/if the meaning of this American history will affect the girls, or if it will take new history pouring in the affect them.

  4. Hari OM
    Hold onto those better memories. It looked to have been a grand couple of days. The father's orchids throw up a flower spike every year without fail - and he does absolutely nothing with them. If I did that nothing lark, they'd shrivel for sure! YAM xx

  5. Some years ago the farmer and I spent a few days in Washington on one of our tours around the USA. Very impressive city.

  6. We visited D.C. frequently when our daughter lived near there, never grew blase about any of it. Vietnam Memorial always made me cry.

  7. I keep thinking abt all you have through related to your bus accident and what still might lie ahead in terms of various medical expenses. From my experiences with several friends seriously injured through no fault of their own, I wish you would retain a competent personal injury lawyer who can advise as to the best course to take.Usually a personal injury attorney is paid at the time of settlement and can handle most if not all of the contacts with the bus company 's insurance carrier for you. I hope you will look into compensation for your injuries as you likely will be incuring additional medical costs. I think you are an amazing, delightful individual with a great deal of pluck! I am a 76 year year old woman raising a 15 yr. old boy and a 12 yr. old brain injured foster child by myself....and totally relate to much of your story. I admire you! Mary in Colorado

    1. Thank you, Mary. All you advise has been accomplished and will happen exactly as you outline. The biggest hurdle is the length of the medical part and accumulating all their bills.
      You have my admiration. At seventy four, I look forward to not being so responsible in two years.

  8. I am glad that your holiday had some highlights before being so cruelly cut short.
    The Vietnam memorials bite me too. It took so long here before the veterans were given the recognition and more importantly the support they needed.
    Love the geese police and the cherry blossoms.

  9. Great trip before that unfortunate slip.

  10. It looks like a great adventure before the bus...

    Some good memories anyway, Joanne.

  11. Oh my gosh! I'm so envious! I've never been to DC when the cherry blossoms were blooming. Sigh... I think I've only been there in the HEAT of summer. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time.

  12. That was definitely one of life's events that divides a person's days into "before" and "after" ... it makes the pictures take on new significance in one's life.

    Geese police - hah

    Glad to see your response to Mary, above.

  13. I remember you going off on that trip excited and looking forward to all you would experience with your granddaughters (and a meet-up with your grandson). I am glad that you did get to see some of the sights before your fall.

    I got a chance to see the traveling Vietnam memorial twice. For those of us who were young when that horrible war was fought, it was a very emotional experience.

  14. Seemed like such a lovely trip before the part about the bus. Here's hoping in years ahead more will be remembered about what happened before the bus instead of what transpired after the bus.


  15. Lovely photos Joanne, I love the froth of Cherry Blossom, seeing that always reminds me of wedding dresses and little girl party dresses from back in the day when they wore such things.

  16. I like seeing those girls get a sense for the lay of the land using actual maps. I am also happy to see that you had some fun on that trip before the accident happened.

  17. The pictures are wonderful. They make me want to visit Washington DC again. I liked the way you ended the post. Not what actually happened but it shows the good author you are.


  18. Amazing photos. I like how you ended this! What a memory you all will have of this trip!

  19. Cherry blossoms are amazing everywhere.
    The last photo is incredible, I love it!
    Nice pictures!

  20. Nice sights. I always love cherry blossom time of year.

  21. your photos bring back many memories of the 17 years i lived in DC. you were lucky to see the cherry blossoms at their best. we never knew from year to year if they would appear when projected or if unpredictable Spring weather would interfere with 'the best laid plans'! so grateful that you have been able to overcome the terrible injuries you suffered and wish you every success with you claims for compensation.

  22. After a giant lightening strike in our front yard, we were without internet yesterday, but my son managed to fix it today....Yours is one of the first places I visited when I could use internet again. Bittersweet photos, but at least you had one good day. Be well! A little better every day.

  23. The photos are great. The girls looked so happy. I hate to think about what happened next, but oh well . . . . I am now an Excel user (basic but can always learn more). Thank you for your encouragement.