Saturday, January 11, 2014

Grade A

I was out and about around ten this morning.

A foggy, grey day.

And rain.
Some work in town is finishing up,
and I went to look.

The roof is done!

Nothing left but the rest of the scaffolding, here and on the entire east side,
that will be removed by the scaffolding company next week.

Our intrepid crew was on debris patrol.
Fallen snow angels.

The refurbished bridge railings started going up last week.
The Garden Club picked a great color.
Emerald green.

Compare to the south side, which will be refurbished next:

I'm wondering about that ungainly bottom rail.

The original rail the Garden Club ladies designed looked like the refurbished rail.
ODOT inspected and announced a child could get through.

The very fat rail was added,
Blocking the bridge at 36", not 34"
It probably will be re-installed, 
but the airy view is pleasant in the meantime.

The river is on the move.
The fog from the melting snow pack is quite thick in places,
But just doesn't photograph well.

Some more fog around my favorite tree. 


  1. The colors in the last photograph are awesome, Joanne. I've always loved the look of mist and fog. They add so much mystery and atmosphere to a photo.

  2. the river looks dangerous. Does the bridge get much foot traffic?

    1. Yes and yes. The town is four blocks long with shops on both sides of the river. It's a pedestrian sort of town. That said, the bridge has only been used to go back and forth, not over. The railing is chest high for me, and I don't consider the grates large enough for any child to squirm through, having first climbed the walls.

  3. Hari OM
    Loving the favourite tree... and that would have to be one very determined and possibly undernourished child to get through yonder gap surely?! It looks fantastic without the mega-bar.

    On a different note - Joanne, you started something over at MY MENO... weathertop? do please pop back and enlighten us! Plus where is the other one? It was too intriguing - had to ask!! Cheers, YAM xx

  4. Looks like the rain we got yesterday has moved your way. Hope you're getting the warmer temperatures, too.

  5. Rivers like this always look so menacing in the winter. Actually, to me they always look a bit scary since I can't swim and tend to be afraid of any water deeper than I am tall. Now you know.

  6. Thats a wild looking river.
    The roof looks good, I like a slate roof.
    Everywhere looks cold wet and rainy.

  7. They've done a fantastic job of the roof and everything else is coming together so well. Emerald green looks good.

  8. The fog is pretty in photos, but I'm glad it's rarely foggy where I live. It's raining now and looks like night at only 4:40 p.m.


  9. The roof is a beauty. A child could get through?! Who is going to let a child, small enough to get through that gap, out wandering alone?
    Jane x

  10. We've had the same gray foggy day here.

  11. Next to the red brick main building, it looks as though you have built an annex for the Adams Family, tacked straight onto the side! This is in no way an insult - I love the new roof and I love the Adams Family!

    1. Maybe 'Grade A' was the class assigned to the weed your grandkids grew in your backyard?

  12. Love the new roof and your favourite tree. How ever did any of us survive when bridges didn't have those fat railings...
    It is hot here today, and getting hotter. I intend on skulking inside all day.

  13. I like the new structure of the East side specially the roof.
    That fog looks scary. Stay safe.

  14. I love your photos, Joanne. We had the same weather here in Montreal.

  15. a child could get through what? a child could climb up that bridge railing and jump if it was that determined. but yay, the roof is done. did you get to day goodbye to those hardy young men?

  16. I don't much mind the early morning fogs. It makes me feel like the heroine in a spy novel.

  17. The finished roof looks so good!
    I like the refurbished bridge section, and hope the other side doesn't take too long to get done.
    I like early morning fog, just glad I don't have to drive in it. We don't get much fog here in Adelaide, but often see it hanging low over the nearby hills. That's when I worry for my grandkids who live there and drive into the city.

  18. Call me crazy but I love the fog. And the rain.


  19. Wow, finally the roof is done! That was one long project!! We are currently having fog here as I type this; thick, pea soup type, which can be typical this time of year.


  20. Interesting photos, Joanne!

  21. I love the last photo.
    The building is magnificent & the bridge coming along nicely. There will be flowers later & it's going to be gorgeous.

  22. Your pictures all make me want to go inside, wrap myself in a wool blanket. :-) Or maybe it's what I was wishing I was doing anyway!