Thursday, November 14, 2013

Slate roof day four

When I put in my usual nine fifteenish appearance this morning,
the crew was working on the south side of the building.
The man in the plaid jacket was back;
The two young men on the scaffolding were calling down to a third fellow,
'I need the level. I need ten penny nails.'

The man in the plaid shirt said hello to me, and I decided it was OK to say hello to him.
The third man handed off items to one of the two young guys, 
and said this was young man's work.

This was the last time I looked up.
I asked the fellow in the plaid shirt how the bundles of shingles would go up?
'Elevator?' I hopefully inquired.
'Some outfits have those, we don't.'

Oh, wait. this is the last time I looked up.
And I wasn't even up there.

This has to have been the last time.
A crane comes in next. The old shingles will come down.
The crane will lift up the loads of shingles.

Here's a good photo of the stabilizing guy wire system.
The wire is around a scaffolding upright, through the eye bolt and back around another upright.

Pretty neat, the reflected flags
Snapping in the wind.

 I left at three.
Looks ready for business tomorrow.
Looking up with no men up there 
didn't affect me.
It may be easier to look up tomorrow, with those railings up.
I'll be back on the job myself.


  1. That really is a beautiful building.Heights? Not for me.
    Jane x

  2. That looking way way up thing leaves you with a funny feeling in your tail bone doesn't it?

  3. I cannot look up for too long either. The building is beautiful.

  4. Lovely building, I'm glad the repairs are getting done.

  5. I don't even wear high heels. You would not find me up there!

  6. It promises to be very, very beautiful. Thank you so much for giving us progress reports.

  7. I said it before, but that is some big project! I think I too would get vertigo watching the men working! Of course for them its "all in a day's work."


  8. Hari Om
    this is why we pay folks to do this work... I'm for keeping the tootsies on the turf. Nice Update. YAM xx

  9. It's going to be magnificent. What is the building used for ?

  10. Perhaps they could frisbee up each slate tile individually, you know, make a game of it.
    Just kidding...

  11. That scaffolding is a work of art! Great idea to keep a daily record in photos of the progress.

  12. I think if you are young, you can get use to climbing around scaffolds and roofs. I did some roof work long ago in another life.

  13. It's so great to see a beautiful piece of architecture being respected and preserved. So many buildings full of history and class are just left to run down, become eye sores and then are crushed and hauled off to make room for something so much worse.

  14. That is a LOT of scaffolding. Great idea to photo document the job progress.

    And I have no doubt you'll strike up an enlightening and entertaining acquaintanceship with Mr. Plaid. And we will be the beneficiaries :) I would be too shy to do that, but I appreciate your ability in that area.

  15. Heights are for the young fearless people. Not me.

  16. Oh my goodness! That is such a scary job. I can just imagine how expensive it must be to get that work done. I hope it lasts for centuries.

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  18. Pretty impressive. Glad it's not me.