Monday, November 25, 2013

Who spent two nine hour days working outside in 17 degree F (that's -8 C!)

These guys, of course. (How about that Green Monster hard hat!)

Saturday and Sunday mornings we went past at 8:30 a.m.
Taking Emily to work at the farm,
and there they were. On the east side now.

Christmas Tree time at the farm.

Here they were a few days ago, "training."
How to bag up a tree and put it top a car.
I pulled in (Emily's ride home), and was turned into the "customer."

Emily has been working in the more or less thirty degree weather for the last several weekends.
And I confess, I lost track of the weather last week
Until Friday night.
"Emily, it will be bone chilling tomorrow! What are you wearing?"
My God, they are invincible.
"Five layers, Gram. I'll be fine."

We dropped Emily off at 8:30 and were at the sporting goods store when they opened at 9.

Her skippy little sister ran like the wind up to the barn to take more clothes to Emily.
She ran like the wind back to the car, too. It was only 17 degrees on the outside of that tee shirt and jean jacket.

We bought Emily an outer fleece shell to go over the five layers,

And gloves with a lining that hold heat. Don't ask, they do work.

And I knit her a cap of a skein of silk and wool. Cute as a button.
She looked like a '20's flapper girl.
I see she wore it to school today.

Hats after school. Seems Laura's could be bigger.


  1. Oh, what fun Emily will have, and what memories she will create!!

    Love the hat. Remember when we were kids and didn't worry about the cold? How things change.

    1. She wasn't worried, but Oh, so grateful that I sent her sister up the lane with warm gloves and a vest.
      I do remember when we, too, were invincible.

  2. 17 degrees is very cold to this southern girl. It was 29 here this morning which is cold for us and I have a fire going in the wood stove. Wishing you and the darling kiddos a Happy Thanksgiving. Olive

  3. We had better weather in Ohio last week than we do here in Texas now. Do folks cut their own tree (or maybe walk through the area and pick out the one they want cut)? Emily's quite the ambitious young lady... she brings a smile to my face.

  4. That is cold! It got to 20F here, but I was in bed all covered up and warm. Where do you live that it was that temperature in daytime? I love that silk and wool hat you made. Do you ever sell those? Warm headwear is the only thing I lack. I never see wool ones in the South, not for sale, anyway.

  5. When my boys were in elementary school I did playground duty once a week. I had a whole wardrobe of cold-weather clothes; each duty morning I'd check the weather forecast to see what I needed to bring for that day's shift.

  6. oh those poor guys! very cute hat you made for Emily.

  7. You've got some hard working kids there. Hope Santa is going to be good to them.

  8. Oh, they make me feel chilly..but are ROCKING those hats!
    I seem to be less tolerant of the cold the older I get...I need more than five layers!
    Jane x

  9. Lovely knitting! but cold weather for roofing!

  10. Oh to be young again * not feel the cold and be so energetic. It's nice to see your young'uns aren't wasting it ;-)

  11. I remember our teens going out in bone chilling weather with their ears exposed. I kept thinking they would get frost bite and would fall off. They are a lot more careful these days. Your granddaughters are so beautiful and the hats look great on them. Ummmm... Well, one of them could be a little bigger. :-)

  12. We are wearing more layers here but not as many as Emily !

    Joe was out on a Rescue launch for the dinghy racers on Sunday ( husband racing ) I handed him hat - gloves & told him it would be really cold on the water... afterwards he said it wasn't !
    What lovely smiles both girls have x

  13. Five layers!! I wear more than that and our winters aren't anywhere near as cold as yours! Those gloves look positively toasty and I love the hat.
    Did you buy a tree?

    Nice to see the roof coming along.

  14. oh that is too cold it really affects me much more than when I was younger, nice to see the smiling faces.

  15. I remember worrying about my kids being warm enough, especially in mid-winter when the wind chill would make it -30C (-22F). A quote I once read summed it all up for me - when you become a parent, you're always thinking twice about everything - once for yourself and once for your child. It's true. I don't miss that worry, although I miss having my kids at home.

    Nice hats, and beautiful girls with beautiful smiles.

  16. Beautiful photos! I love thermal clothing, and they are warm. I love Polar fleece, too, it is so warm and comfortable.

  17. I wish my grandma was still here knitting hats. I wonder if I could hire a knitter since I never got to the lessons. Still have the needles and yarn to learn to make a dish cloth.

  18. Hari OM
    Have got my hat and gloves at the ready for landing at Heathrow - here in KL it is 37'C!!!! Your girl is gorgeous and that hat is marketable. &*> YAM xx