Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Slate roof day three

I had a ten a.m. dental appointment, and didn't get to work until close to noon. I intimated I had places to go, but the dentist didn't hurry.

Still on the east side, the balance of the scaffolding is up.

Only the two young men at work this morning, at least when I got there.

The older fellow in the plaid jacket was not in sight.

It is warmer today, but not much. These guys clapped their hands a lot yesterday and we heard those pipes clang and drop frequently.

If you wonder how this affair works, as, of course I do, this is the best shot I could get of the rigging.
That pipe from the scaffolding to the building is part of the tensioning system that makes the contraption sturdy. Well, if you're a young man.
There is an eye bolt screwed into the wood above the pipe, and a guy wire goes around the pipe and is pulled snug, stabilizing the platform. Well, if your'e a daring young man. 

Snow on the deck I stood on for the pictures, but the sun is warm if you're working hard, And a young man.

One young man on the top course.

Yes, those are ice cycles from the roof.
Tomorrow will be close to fifty and more sunshine. I expect the prep work is done and the action starts then.

We (the spectators) wonder how the shingles go up. One person familiar with construction and who explained the guy wires to me is hoping there will be an elevator at the end to take up the loads of shingles.

We'll see. 


  1. It sure didn't get to 50 down here in Athens today... mid 30's tops. So I hope your guys had a better day and didn't have to clap their hands together to keep warm. Do you know what the time frame is for this job? Seems like it will take a while ... and in no so good weather.

  2. Hari Om
    Oh this is going to be soooo good to see finished - I wish them Godspeed! YAM xx

  3. Hi Joanne, I think it is a good thing that the dentist didn't hurry! Some things are just better done well as opposed to quickly, and I think health care is at the top of the list. It is getting a bit warmer here in Montreal as well and is due to get warmer towards the end of the week.

  4. In my previous life, I had to send technicians to roofs on high buildings. On cold, windy, or very hot days, I never sent the older guys to those jobs.

  5. Working with icicles on the roof....makes you wonder how safe it is to be working up there...even for the young guys.

  6. Makes you wonder why they slated (no joke intended) this job to be done this time of year instead of when the weather might have been a little kinder to the workers. God love them for the workers being okay to work at heights like that; I wouldn't be. I know when we got our roof (one story building) done a few years ago they had some type of elevator thingie (I'm so good at describing equipment, LOL) that transported the supplies to the top of the roof. It was noisy work, hope yours isn't too bad where you are working.


  7. Scary times. I hope that the young men continue to think that they are invincible (as they do).

  8. I was in the dentist chair at the very same time you were. We seem to be having similar weather. It is sunny today and it was sunny yesterday after a lot of rainy days. I am glad I don't have to climb that roof!

  9. Working outside in every kind of weather seems like a special kind of he** to me. I hope those workers stay safe.

  10. My turn at the dentist is coming tomorrow, and next week and next week and next week...on and on until assorted teeth are repaired.

  11. It will be so beautiful when it's all done. Hopefully it will all be finished before the really snowy weather sets in.

  12. I have an idea how the shingles are going up...a young man.