Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday afternoon felt class

I enrolled Emily and Laura for a small object felting class at the Art Academy, Saturday.
We arrived right on time, noon.

The girls went in.  I stopped for a picture.
The front doors are flanked with pots of hosta  and violas.

Inside I found everyone confused. The class is next week.

 Back outside and another picture of a table and chair grouping I admire.

We passed sandwich boards on the way announcing
Skip's Peninsula Junction.

There are only two Skips in town and I know both.  So which one?
This used to be a junk yard and transfer station.  
Now it's clean enough to please your grandmother.

This is one side of the yard.  The retaining wall blocks have a history.
When concrete trucks come back from a job the extra concrete is dumped into waiting forms.
I've seen these kinds of blocks in many applications; now I know how they come to be.

This is a business on the other side of Skip's yard.
I'm sure it makes a lot of people smile.

Skip hopes to turn his yard into a weekend market.
There was one vendor when we arrived, shortly after noon.
Nina's husband, Wayne. The man who slipped the money plant seeds into my car.

And one food vendor, Pierogies.  
Wayne had a bird house I coveted, but I only had $20 of the $30 in my wallet.
And two little girls departed for pierogies with $10.
Not a problem.  We would go home for the check book.

When we returned Wayne, on the right, was refusing to sell my bird house to the nice couple.
Skip, he didn't say nothin', although he was appealed to, also, to change Wayne's mind.

This fellow I see around town stopped to say hello, and let me take a picture.

We left Skip's Peninsula Junction, with the birdhouse and change.
Why go home; we could go the other way and buy ice cream.
This vehicle had a fine mud patina and says on the window
So you like mud, Huh?

Finally heading home, we passed this fellow on Truxell Road.
Thanks to Emily for the fine picture.
I pass him often; I use Truxell to go to work.
Linda wants a bicycle like this.

The bird house.  That old barn board is at least 18" wide.
No trees like that left around here.
See the eyes and the nose?
No wonder that other fellow wanted it.
Thanks, Wayne.

Hamilton hung it about six feet up, across from the wren nest in the studio window.
That wren is so polygamous; he supports nests all over our back 40.
So, here's a double decker for him.
Slate roof and everything.  


  1. great post. I was thinking that wall of concrete blocks was at most 4' high. that picture of the out of luck couple certainly put it in perspective.

    1. Skip told me when he was in the junk business he would use that wall as one side of a "compactor", push loads against it to crush them.

  2. How amusing! Yeah, I like that bird house, too. And I would love to eat a pierrogie right now.

  3. That's a hell of a stone wall in the picture, Joanne - almost Egyptian in scale. I felt class on Saturday afternoon too (sorry).

  4. Those are some humungous blocks...

  5. Well, it sounds like a nice outing, after all.

  6. Those hostas are GORGEOUS. Mine don't bloom until around the first week of school, late August. I have some salvia that are almost breathtakingly pretty now. Called "black and blue."

    And I covet that birdhouse. Except...Bing has banned birdhouses from our back yard. We used to have several and discovered that we ended up with Winter mice in the house every year since they had been living off the scattered bird seed all year long. But, I do have a lovely bat house on the back of our back yard shed that is stunning.

    Great photos. Sounds as if you had a lovely day in spite of it all.

  7. A polygamous wren - hee hee hee! Are you sure it's just the one? :)

  8. Love the bird house. Lust after the bird house.
    Recumbent bikes scare me. People ride them on the roads here and they are sometimes almost invisible.

  9. Interesting following you around town. Nice bird house.

  10. I so love your posts about town! Love your new bird house, as well. And laughed over your early arrival to class. I thought that only happened to me!

  11. Everything looks so clean in your neck of the woods. Actually I noticed when I went across the line recently in eastern USA that it is very clean. It used to be nice and clean in our country too but things have changed. I like your birdhouse. Hopefully some of the bird wives will appreciate it too ;-)

  12. Can the birds find those bird houses and use them in the process?

  13. My SIL has a tryke bike like that and loves it. Enjoy the bird cage.

  14. I'm going to pass that left over concrete tip on to my daughter and son in law, they run a concrete business and have several trucks.

  15. There's a couple in my neighborhood that each have one of those recumbent bikes. I smile at them all the time and they never smile back...

    One of these days I'm not going to smile at them. But I keep forgetting...


    1. Must come with the bike. We slowed down to his speed to take the picture and he didn't even look at a pretty little girl or smile at her.

  16. Thats one good looking birdhouse, it has character.
    With my left over concrete, I put it into the plastic bags the supermarket gives you, shape it into a roundish shape and in a couple of days I have a cement rock.