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Monday, May 26, 2014

Curmudgeons and parades

Dear old Walt; all the doctoring he abandoned two or three years ago caught up with him. He had a right side stroke this time, his steering wheel arm! Or, as Mark told him, "Well, old man, I'll be driving you to doctor appointments and drug stores." He's also become a full fledged diabetic and won't be leaving the hospital until that is under control. Thank you for all your good wishes. Let's see if he takes his medicine, or devises some new workaround.

Today was Memorial Day, the day of picnics and parades. I sat in the hot sun for the fun of taking pictures for three hours, but I had picture taking to amuse myself. Far too many follow, but don't feel obligated.

Nine am. Overnight spot stakers on all four green quadrants.

Just waiting.

Gazebo bunting.

Chair reclamation.

I think she was the nanny.

"Another year, another parade." "Right, son."

Check the hair ribbons.

Filling up.

Color guard.

Our band, under the leadership of my favorite band director.



The mayor.

The National Guard.

Look at the size of this young man's feet.

The band stops at the clock tower for the national anthem.

A small selection of paraders. There were half a dozen convertibles with scholarship winners. 

A man of the cloth and his Harley.

A lot of very nice cars.

A lot of photos of little girls sticking landings.

This young driver paced her own car.

This young driver's car had brakes by mom.

A hand up.

Another landing.

Boy scouts.

An old car.

Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes and Drums.

And so much more.

I hope you had a good holiday, too.


  1. My kind of parade!!

    Best wishes to Walt.

  2. Looks like you had very a very nice parade and wonderful weather to enjoy it in.

    I hope Walt does what he needs to to get better. Take care.

  3. I love your parade. That was not too many photos. I hope your brother does well; sounds like he has some good caregivers, although they may have to sit on him.

  4. I love a parade as long as I don't have to plan for it.

  5. I love to listen to bagpipes, especially in parades! Looks like a very nice parade! Nice to see it so well attended and so many different participants in it! We used to always go to parades when we lived in Montana; haven't been in years since we moved. Not even sure if they do parades here....

    Sorry to hear the news about your brother; I hope it will be easy to get his diabetes into check and then for him to continue with the management of it, as you know it will lead to more complications down the road if he doesn't.

    We had a nice day here :)


  6. It would have been fun to watch your parade! I don't know if Portland has such a thing on Memorial Day. But hubby and I finished off our third day of playing the in and out game of "house-on-the-market". We are accepting a full price offer tonight. Thanks for your well wishes. And many blessings to your whole lovely family, Walt included!

  7. Lovely set of pictures.
    Would love to attend a parade like this.
    Like that car with brakes in mom's hand.

  8. I am glad that Walt is getting the care he needs. Thank you for the update.
    Loved the parade - all of the photos were heart-warming gems.

  9. walt is a favorite relative of joanne but certainly an independent person.That makes it hard on his son to take charge..Whatever will be, will be. Loved the parade pictures but saddened that the one of the color guard showed so few standing and even fewer paying respect to the US flag..This was the day that we honored those who gave the ultimate sacrifice..Need to teach this generation respect of the traditions of this nation....One nation, under God.

  10. Blast from the past!

  11. Hari Om
    I like a cloth man who rides gnarly bikes...

    Wishes for Walt's wake-up. He's in the right family at least! YAM xx

  12. We had watermelon for supper. Glad you attended a happy parade.

  13. I love community parades they are so much fun, when we had our landscape business we were in one every year with our dump truck and tractor, the feet, funny how photos stop things in time and we notice what we might not otherwise. Ha.

  14. You were lucky to have such dry, sunny weather to view the parade.

  15. Dear Joanne, I read both Sunday and Monday's posting. I hope your brother Walt is better today and that he suffers no bad after effects. It's wonderful that his extended family is always there for him.

    Thank you for the parade pictures. We don't have a parade here but I did watch the National Memorial Service on PBS last evening. i always get tears in my eyes when they read letters or testaments from the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. Such courage and commitment. And so many of them damaged for life by it.

    Take care of yourself. Peace.

  16. What lovely pictures. I didn't go to the parade however, I had a lovely time right here on the base with other military members. We all stopped at 5 and again at 9 to remember as they played taps. It was beautiful.

  17. I suspect that your brother will find a way round wishes for his health.

    Super parade!

  18. I like the young man with the big feet. He looks as if he's wearing boots suited to a clown.


  19. I loved the mid-air pictures! Looks like a fabulous parade and you finally have some nice weather :) Best wishes to Walt!!

  20. I love it! This was so much fun to see. I'm so glad you had such a lovely day for the parade.

  21. That's a pretty big parade for Memorial Day! It still amazes me that people can put out chairs the day before and them still be there the next day. Ohio people are polite like that though.

  22. Great pictures! I love your comments on them.

    Well wishes for Walt.