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Friday, December 7, 2018

Waiting for improvement

I had lunch yesterday with two good friends, the sort who make me realize if it weren’t for friends, how little family I would have. That may be true for more people than I realize. Children grow and scatter. Family members move away, and pass away.

I wonder if my feeling of glumness is just in the national attitude? The stock market actually worries me. I’ve lived with it for all these years, and frankly did not give a damn. Now that I am unemployed and reliant on my wits for keeping up with interest as income, I realize that weaving for a living has not prepared me for this.

Anyway, winter has not begun, and I am so over it. This year worries me, and it’s not the stock market.  I was terrified to look out the door the first snow we had. So we had a talk, myself and I. “Self,” I said, etc. It is completely OK to be cautious, but first see what there is to be cautious of.

Cathy, my neighbor, and I took my car yesterday to have the remote starter installed. Cathy dropped me back home and set out on some errands. She was caught in the secondary snow belt, west of Cleveland. She trouped on through in perfect time to take me to pick up my car. I covered my bare driveway just fine, but stopped at the last two feet that had snow. I was afraid to step on it. I need to formulate a way to test this stuff.

The YakTrax came today, and I put on the  pair. We’ll see. They slid madly on the plastic chair mat, and sunk firmly into the carpet. My probably too active brain is inventing how I will enter a building and find a place to sit and take the YakTrax off before I walk on the big clay tiles. This isn’t last year, Joanne. I’ll figure it out, I’m sure.

Back to the remote starter—I can almost remember the sequence. For the actual starter, press and hold until the car starts. Later on, get in, put key in ignition and turn two clicks to start position. Using the key is a trick and I already don’t use the key to lock my car, so the business about press lock, press unlock, press lock again barely makes sense. But once I get it, I’ll have it.

Tomorrow is Laura’s birthday. Seventeen! I’ll have to write a post soon on how she intends to spend her future.


  1. Sending you strength for peace of mind over navigating the winter safely. Happy birthday to Laura. She is growing up so fast now and you've helped her navigate the learning periods. Hugs to you both.♥

  2. Hari Om
    Joanne, let your Self know that it is quite within its rights to be feeling trepidatious about venturing on less than stable footage. There have been too many tests of balance for you of late! It is also good that same Self knows it must do what it can to overcome. Caution, fine. Fear, not so much.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA - sorry I forgot this year... huggies. YAM xx

  3. I've had a car for 5 years --2013 Mazda-- and I don't know how to set the dash-clock on it. I'm back to checking my pocket watch. As to remote-starter, I want a key in an ignition switch --a real key. Your're not alone.

  4. A remote car starter is the Goddess's gift to all humans who live in winter conditions, as far as I'm concerned. I've had one for my car(s) for the past 15 years. There's nothing like getting into a warm car when the weather is freezing! Here's a tip -- when you shut your car off, remember to make sure the heat dial is set at max, the fan is high and the heat flow is set to go on your windshield. That's the fastest way to ensure a warm car by the time you walk out of the house to get in it.

  5. My friends in Minnesota have remote starters - what a great invention.

    Happy birthday to Laura.

    Yes, for many of us, there are friends and very little family.

    My best to you.

  6. A very happy birthday to Laura.
    Caution is fine. And even a smidge of fear is understandable given the year you have had. You WILL prevail.

  7. Remote starters seem a really good idea. I haven't seen them out around these parts.

    My hubby mentioned that the stock market 'took a dump' today. He wasn't happy.

    HB to Laura. May her day be lovely.

    May the self-talk get you to where you need to be. x

  8. I can't believe Laura will be turning 17! Wish her happy birthday from me. Do be careful out there with the snow and ice. Another injury is the last thing you need, though I know you realize that.


  9. More and yet more new technology, a remote starter is something I have not used. I don't live in snow country, is it more useful in cold weather areas?

  10. Be careful in the snow and take the extra time. I am finding my balance isn't what it used to be.

  11. Seventeen! My how time does fly. Almost officially a legal adult.
    Please be careful in the snowy, icy conditions, I'm off to google YakTrax

  12. I'm feeling sorry for the shops this year … no one's spending any money. I suppose it's all happening online, but it does make going into town a lot less cheery.
    Having coffee with old friends is one of the things that never changes and always cheers me up.

  13. Glad I am not seventeen again. Happy birthday Laura.
    I had Yak Trax but never got to grips with them so tend to stay in if it is slippery.

  14. Winter must be very problematic for someone who has fallen and injured herself. I am sure the remote starter is a good idea although I am not sure if I understood the sequence.

    We have YakTrax but find them difficult to use. If we have the same model as you (ours are older now), they are a little difficult to get on and off. We have another pair now, which we can fairly easily rotate as we change surfaces. I don't know the brand, however. They were actually offered to seniors in a government program last year. So not having to order them, I didn't pay attention to the make.

  15. Do you have a reacher/grabber stick, Joanne? (although the YakTrax may not be easy enough to remove with one) Here is a link with a number of different models in case you haven't heard of these (there are a number of other helpful aids on this site also):

    Alternatively, do you still have a walker? Particularly one with a built-in seat? Perhaps that would be a better choice on an icy day than one or two canes. Then you could sit to take off the YakTrax.

    Sorry I can't think of anything else, except to stay in when it's icy!

    Happy Birthday, Laura! Seventeen is a great age to be. Your whole future is opening up before you.

  16. the remote starter is a good idea. so is being cautious but try not to let fear paralyse you. my yoga instructor has a remote starter. it will just take a time or two and you'll have it. after losing our money in the stock market from two crashes we have very little in stocks preferring safer if slower growing investments. when you get tired of winter, you know where I am.

  17. Oh boy, do I feel your pain. I had knee replacement surgery last January. I was SO NERVOUS about going out afterwards. I didn't leave the house unless absolutely necessary until the end of March. Now winter has rolled around again and I once again feel really nervous. The thought of falling scares the bajingoes out of me.

  18. I've never heard of a remote starter before. I don't know if they're even available here in the UK. It sounds like a great idea if you want to get the car warmed up before you step out of the house.

    I hope you can negotiate the snow and ice without any mishaps. I'm pretty fit myself but I still get nervous when it's icy.

  19. Yes, I would be upset with snow too. I no longer bounce back from falls. Do you have a neighbor who will clear that last bit of snow. Will your granddaughter? I too find that painters and artists really aren't well prepared to retire.

  20. Happy Birthday to Laura! I was walking on a snowy sidewalk and street last night and my shoes had great traction but my cane kept slipping. Phooey! Then one of my daughters took my arm which I don't usually like, but was very happy about last night. Be well, Joanne!

  21. Winter is a sad time of the year, and snow well pretty to look at but so wet and cold .
    Happy birthday Laura.

  22. I feel your pain. Hope, you are feeling better.
    have a great weekend

  23. It is a bit of a strange world you're living in right now - or so it seems from what you say. When the body lets us down it can be quite disturbing. But I suspect you will adapt to it.

  24. What a tough year, Joanne! A better one is on the horizon I pray!