Sunday, December 9, 2018

This past week

I was typing away last week and suddenly my computer screen was swarmed by color, noise, a plethora of boxes with announcements I was hijacked, together with phone numbers to call to be liberated. This has occurred in the past and my solution has been Cntrl-Alt-Del, and systematic deletion of programs that are running.

It didn’t work this time.

The only other option I knew was call Microsoft, but not the number on the screen. I used my phone to find a tech support number I trusted. So, for $54 and change, plus $15 per month ($15.95?), cancellable at any time, plus an hour or so off line, my computer is mine again.

Except it’s not, yet.

My internet always opened on my blogger tab, with my e-mail tab also available. I had to read a whole lot of help pages in order to pin and freeze tabs. And thank the heavens I once learned how to open help in a separate tab and refer to it, line by line by word by word. I’m not a teenage geek I admit, and, I don’t have it totally resolved.

I made an appointment to board Toby while we are in Wisconsin for Christmas, and have him groomed again. The “chill” cat who was not sedated to have half his hair shaved off. He’s back to his behavior of a year ago; incessant grooming, then garfing, that was cured by professional grooming. I learned this only by the desperation groom last year, and I do hope it continues to work, especially since I specified number 6 clipper guards, down from number 8 last year. Lets’ see if I can save the carpet the last two weeks before Wisconsin next year.

When we closed up the old house and I gave every last paper and pin of my weaving stuff to Praxis, it included my Marguerite Davidson, guide to handweaving. Sometimes I wish I had it, and apparently Google reads my mind. Pinterest puts email after email of weaving pins in my mailbox, and last week there was a strip of bird’s eye diaper weaving straight from Marguerite.

I do not know the etymology of the word, but when you throw all the pieces on the table, they pretty well fit.

“Diaper” was the name for household fabric, from curtains and tablecloths to napkins and nappies. I’ve said I like my twill and plain weave Shaker towel because it exposes so many threads to absorb moisture, but keeps them secure for washing.

Diaper does much the same. I’ve never woven it because it requires a jack loom, and my loom of preference always has been counter balance. Now I have a jack and can weave diaper and a classic diaper pattern just fell into my inbox. I’m maybe fifty towels from emptying my loom, and now I know I’ll thread up some diaper for the next round of towels.

I also think the pattern looks like the feather ring around birds’ eyes. Dries dishes nicely. Wicks moisture away from guest's lips and babies' fannies.


  1. Hari Om
    ooohhh preeettteeee patterns!!! something to look forward to. I take it you are once again taking flights rather than driving??!!!

    Dang to the dreaded hijacking. Happened to me once, praying not again. Nuisance value on the overheat end of the scale! YAM xx

  2. Battles with the computer are hard, if not impossible, to wage.

    We went to Best Buy where we had purchased our tv. Their computer department cleaned and dusted it, recovered all our data. We also signed up for PC Matic who has been marvelous.

    I don't know. Should I have continued the battle?

    The towel you sent me is wonderful. The tops I have given to my gr-daughters who are now tweens. Great colors.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Computers can be a pain in the neck, but so useful to researching needed/wanted information.

    I've not had a computer virus (knock wood) for sometime now. May it stay that way!

  4. Glad to hear your computer woes were relatively easy to fix. I hope the cat's are too. You've educated me about the origins of the word "diaper"!

  5. Glad to hear your computer woes were quick and relatively cheap to fix. When I got hit with ransomware it wasn't cheap and the recovery incomplete.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your next weaving adventure.

  6. The internet is a scary place. I am glad to hear you sorted it out.

  7. Been a while since I had computer trouble.
    Coffee is on

  8. Keep that phone number of your tech support! So glad it is mostly resolved now. I pay Norton for some protection and have a backup plan from Carbonite. And my son lives with me. He has a computer science degree and worked as an embedded engineer at NASA for five years. I'm lucky because on my own, I wouldn't know much at all.

  9. That looks like a very interesting pattern, I would love a Bird's Eye towel if it isn't too much trouble.
    Have you found out why Toby does the incessant grooming? Maybe just book him in for a shaving every year as soon as he starts.

  10. My computer suddenly started "updating" the other day, and I was nervous it might again be trying to install Windows 10 which I don't need or want. I couldn't get it to stop so I restarted the computer but it was still updating. Luckily whatever it did doesn't seem to have made any changes to anything.

  11. The word update makes me twitchy now !

  12. Couldn't find an email address for you — note Kay Dennison comments here and know she was from Akron, too. Wonder if you know what happened to her?

  13. one of the reasons I'm glad to be an Apple person. 99.9% of all that bad juju doesn't affect Macs.

    I had a design book that I bought a long time ago for help and inspiration in designing the etched glass that had one section it labeled 'diapers'. my only experience with that word up until that point was the ones I used on my babies. I finally figured out that it meant a repeated design.

    1. Ah, yes, the bible. We kept it in the bench by the door, and if the studio went ablaze, Chris was charged with grabbing the bible.

  14. II had never thought about the etymology of the word "diaper". It makes perfect sense that it originally referred to a type of cloth.

    As for the computer stuff - UGH! More than just a nuisance, as one always worries that everything will be lost. It's too bad that Macs are so ridiculously expensive as they really do fight off those viruses better than PCs.

  15. The pattern looks complex to me, Joanne.

  16. You delight me continually. :)