Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Buck i

The football season is eight or nine weeks in, and Laura has missed nothing.  She and Uncle Tom have attended every game, home and away.  Together with the other band festivals, the two of them are as busy as Emily and the band.  They have acquired their own group to sit with, and Laura is trying to whistle between her hands like a friend of hers does.  As if that almighty whistle from behind her teeth she has already demonstrated for me isn’t loud enough.

Laura bristled the first time one of those adults she lives with suggested the night would be too cold for her to sit through the game; apparently if it’s good for Uncle Tom, it’s good for Laura.  She layers up and cheers her team to eight victories in nine games.  And goes to every band show, too. 

Yesterday was the holy grail of high school band performances, the Buckeye Invitational.  Held at Ohio State, on the field of Woody Hayes, featuring enough noise to make any band aficionado happy, and concluding with the Ohio State University Marching Band.  Tom and Laura dropped Emily off at her high school to ride the band bus, and the two of them high tailed it for Columbus.  I sent Laura with the camera.

Laura arrives

The field

The stands

The fifty yard line

Emily's blue and white at 2:30

There they are on the score board

And on the field

One of their marching formations

I am humbled

The Pride of the Buckeyes

The other band Laura came to see

The “i” is dotted

More than thirty bands played, a new one every fifteen minutes. Home at midnight, and one sleepy little girl went up to bed, while Uncle Tom went back to the high school to meet Emily’s bus.  Laura filled the card and consumed the battery with her pictures.  And she saw what she went to see—the Buck i dotted.


  1. That was a big day for a little girl and one she will always remember.

  2. Oh, this is marvellous! Nothing stirs me more than a marching band. I always start crying! They are a dying breed up here in Canada. We used to have world famous marching bands, Now we struggle to field an ensemble. So so sad! Thank you for this wonderful post. It was mightily satisfying!

  3. sports are not my fortay, but buckeye, a wonderful tree with much to admire, now music that is another thing.

  4. Looks like they had a grand time.

  5. What an incredible experience! To be able to choreograph a performance every 15 minutes must have been something too. Way to cross the eyes and dot the t's. No, wait, it was dot the eyes and cross the teas. Oh nevermind.

  6. I bet Laura will be part of the marching band when she's old enough!

  7. Oh wow. We don't have many marching bands over here, but I can just imagine it. What a lovely memory to cherish.

  8. It looks like a fabulous display of skills going on there.
    I love marching bands! We don't have them over here, we used to having marching girls teams, I think every town had at least one, but they seem to have disappeared too. There are bands that play in parades, but that's about it.
    I'm jealous of the whistling. I would love to be able to do that piercing whistle done by putting two fingers in the mouth, but unfortunately I can barely even whistle the regular way. My dad was a whistler, he used to whistle along to the radio while working.

  9. Good to see you again--enjoying the enthusiasm of these lovely young women. Extended family is the BEST. You're doing a terrific job of keeping up!

  10. She took great pictures! Love the band formations, and it was very moving to see the blind band.

  11. What a fun experience for her. Have you seen the youtube video of the Buckeyes half-time show where they reenacted video games from the 90's? She might enjoy watching that.

  12. The picture that is the Hudson band in a diamond is our parade block. that must have been either when we finished or when we were dancing our butts off. I am ever so glad I give my grandma something to right about. :)