Friday, January 13, 2012

She thought about this all night--for two nights

Jan has been quilting for a couple of days on a customer's quilt featuring pine trees.  I happened by today and was struck down.

"Like those pine boughs?  I laid awake for two nights figuring them out."

 Her right brain isn't half of her brain, it's probably seven eights.  Wish I could do this justice with my camera. 

Here's a picture Jan put on her Facebook page:


  1. My many pieces in a block? I enlarged to see if I could tell but it's hard to see on the green.

  2. Don’t know how many pieces. Jan is doing the quilting and is sewing that freehand pine garland in the border

  3. Wow. She is amazing. Those points are lovely, and the stitching is exquisite.

  4. Susan, it is a customer's quilt. She is an excellent seamstress and all the quilts I have quilted for her are sewn perfectly. She is my most favorite kind of customer. Each tree is a different green based Christmas fabric. Wonderfully different patterns in each of the fabrics. One of the trees is green fabric with little yellow flowers and it looks like a tree covered with yellow lights. I love her creativity.