Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dad used to have a joke or a quip about fascinators.  I don’t remember, but I thought it a bit silly that women’s scarves would be called fascinators.  I was going to post another clip of bouncing Walter tonight, but the clip I had made is too big to upload. Not because Walt bounced for six minutes (and eats dirt!), but because there actually are three separate short clips that I was too bleary to designate as separate when I went through the DVD.  It’s back at the shop to be broken up.  It’s worth the wait.

As I looked over the clips I have I paused at the file I called Ohio Turnpike and wondered why men are  fascinated enough with progress to do something like take a movie of the Ohio Turnpike the day it opens.  And then, as noted by Aunt Flo, spend an extra nickel to get off and film from the overpass.


  1. I watched the video this morning, didn't have time to comment then. A road is a road (to me) but oh my goodness, those beautiful old cars!!

  2. I only became aware of fascinators when Fergie's daughters showed up at the royal wedding wearing those ridiculous things on their heads. I hadn't heard it applied to other accessories.