Friday, January 13, 2012

Making movies

What do you do with a moving picture camera?  Take pictures of moving things, it seems.  How simple.  How fun.  Here are two clips I can replay and replay and smile at their charming simplicity.  I have no idea who is the old man in the first clip.  A neighbor?  A friend?  The universal sweet old man.

This clip is another production of Grandpa Rolf.  Two little girls on tricycles.  No, not enough action.  Call out the neighbor across the street.  How about half the neighborhood, like clowns coming out of a tiny car.  A car leaves, an aeroplane flys.  That’s my Uncle Hank, a young man, strolling down the side walk, then Grandpa Rolf pacing.  That’s my mom, waving and going around the corner.  Probably leaving for work.  Just ahead of the milkman.  Making movies, 1936.


  1. Sadly your videos are unavailable here for viewing. Rats!!

    1. It seems there is a blogger issue being resolved. They worked last night; hope Blogger resolves it.

  2. I'm SO sad I can't watch your videos! It just comes up 'not available'. :(

  3. They were well worth the wait.

  4. Oh, Joanne, these are priceless! PRICELESS! They are the first of your movies I've gotten to play and I am so jealous! What a wonderful, incredible memory! The people from your past. Right there living and breathing again. Oh, I am so happy you shared this with me!