Monday, January 30, 2012

Devil with the blue dress on

Joanne 1944

Maybe.  Maybe not.    The dress certainly is a beautiful little blue dress.  I do wonder where the rocking chair went; it’s a beauty,too.  Google Earth took me right over there yesterday morning, to 4214 West 21st, in Cleveland.  The closed in front porch where the rocking chair rocked and Grandpa Rolf’s W.E. Rolf, Watchmaker hung in the window, has been restored to an open porch.  It appears to have the same garage as housed his shop.

 The road is still paved with bricks, although the horse drawn milk wagon isn’t using them now.  Brick pavement seems such a time consuming undertaking………

Just back from a side venture into brick road paving, which may be making a comeback.   Jane Street Clayworks says a brick road lasts fifty years, as does concrete, but does not have concrete’s pothole problems.  Asphalt needs resurfaced every fifteen years.  And, only specific failing bricks need to be replaced.  Learn something every day!

Our neighbor has lived here all his life, up on the corner of the main street.  Actually, it is many years past “main,” having been replaced by a freeway bearing its old route number.  When Skip was a boy the road was brick.  The sub-road still is brick, we could see it when the asphalt was ground up and re-laid last year.  Skip says on really, really hot summer days, when it had been ninety plus several days in a row, he and his grandmother sat on the front porch and watched bricks shoot up out of the road.  Occasionally they shot a radiator.  Our town historian doesn’t really believe that, but I do.


  1. What an adorable little girl you were.

  2. You were a cutie then and you're a cutie now!

  3. I wish I had a pattern for the little dress ....... I remember rocking chairs. I loved to rock as a child, I still do!

    1. I wish you had that pattern, too, cuz you are some sewer.

  4. What a precious child you were! Curls! I wish you had that rocker, too! I love the description of your street. It was as if you were right there, with all the memories!

  5. How nice that the house is still there! I checked out the house where I lived in California until I was 5. The quiet tree-lined residential street was gone and replaced by a wide treeless thoroughfare lined by adobe-style apartment buildings.
    I remember wearing those little dresses when I was little. Now I don't even own a dress!

  6. What an adorable, priceless video. I am so envious of your childhood memories all captured on film. Nothing can compare!