Saturday, January 21, 2012

Containing the chaos

One hundred eighty odd quilt tops (just crib sized tops!), I am down to the dregs in my drawer and no scraps have been quietly abandoned behind my chair.  Now that I am so close to scrap eradication, I can divulge my secret.  Jan told people I had a secret formula for assembling the colors.  Here it is.  Lay out thirteen piles of five inch squares.  Use one square from each pile.  When one pile is gone, replace it with another.  Genius, eh?

She laid out the latest twin size quilt using one of the crib size centers and said she just loved how the borders contain the chaos.  How apt.  Look at all the pin wheels blowing the chaos back, and a sturdy brown fence around the pin wheels.  Now we need a plan to contain world chaos.

Quilted and ready to be trimmed.

Containing the chair.


  1. I'll bet he would like to curl up on one of those queilts.

  2. That is gorgeous! (The quilt, that is, although the cat isn't bad, either.)

  3. I would love to see the world contained neatly inside a pinwheel border. Who do we talk to about this?