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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bouncing baby boy

I have video!  In the end I realized I am techno-incompetent and took my movie DVD back to the fellow who DVD’d the VHS.  I downloaded some software to "rip" video's and got a ten minute free trial.  In ten minutes I couldn’t even figure out how to use it.

Here’s a little clip of visiting Uncle Ray in South Boardman, mid 1946.  The cast of characters in order of appearance are Mom, Grandma Rolf, Walt, Joanne, chickens, Uncle Ray on the tractor.  This is not the best clip of Walt bouncing, but I don’t remember what I titled the other clip.  So, stay tuned…..

The commentators are Jan, myself and Aunt Flo.  We did this probably in 98.  Aunt Flo was the last of my parent’s generation, and she survived Uncle Hank by ten or twelve years.  Aunt Flo was Uncle Hank's wife and grandma Rolf's daughter-in-law. We lost her this past November.  I made one clip of Aunt Flo having fun on a picnic, to post later.  And someday I’ll write about Aunt Flo at another picnic.  She was the eternal girl.


  1. Our internet connection is terrible, however, I persevered and it was worth the effort. I love old films. Little boys and tractors just go together.

  2. I had to back that up and watch it again...what a hoot. And so nice to hear the old voices again eh?

  3. That was awesome! What a treasure. My brother would love that tractor. Thanks for sharing such a precious memory.

  4. I have thought about putting old VHS tapes on DVD but worried it would be too expensive. I admire your sense of adventure. I'm not at all tech savvy and still haven't figured out how to take pictures that I can post with the camera I got last year. I had my granddaughter come over to help but I still don;t get it!

  5. Couldn't get it to play. SO disappointed. I love memories!