Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why I didn't buy pansies or trillium yesterday

 It was 32 overnight, colder inland.
We're "inland".

I added a new bird to my repertoire this morning,
A house finch.
They've been around all winter, but I have not picked one out.
That may be a female house finch at the other end of the table.

It's 55, after lunch, and we started some very early clean up.
I think these are iris; after they bloom I'll know forever what they are.

This is one of two Canterbury bells I planted in the fall.
Both are showing new growth.
I intended to trim the old leaves today. I didn't do that last year as they were newly planted.
I find every old leaf neatly severed over night.
It it was deer, I may have a problem. 

The hen and chicks Laura tucked in here last fall are just fine.
As is the mystery plant, lower right.
The one that was weed wacked for twenty five years.

Mom's chives are up. Ann calls her little stand in Wisconsin, Grandma's chives.

More succulents, looking alive.

We rearranged the "garden art" after we cut back the pampas grass.
Come back in the spring and see how they compliment each other.


  1. Not iris I don't think. And am looking forward to seeing what they are. Such an exciting time of the year. Hard work - but exciting.

  2. I'm afraid my idea of gardening is to grass in all those muddy brown areas.

  3. Hari Om
    We have been promised spring frosts this week too... sigh. Not sure about those 'iris' either... looking forward to their true appearance! YAM xx

  4. I see some suspiciously green areas there......the garden shops here are still closed for the winter.

  5. I miss my wild gardens. Your post of looking over your plantings to see if they were coming up was a spring ritual I used to preform every year. Hopefully you will take post pictures of your plantings in full bloom. enjoyed. -- barbara

  6. Adams Fair acre Farm is open all year round here as they have a green house. I still dread bringing home annuals as yet.

  7. Oh lord Spring is slow coming to you. I hope it leaps in with a bounce, very soon!

  8. In spite of your words of caution, I'm going to get wild and crazy and buy pansies tomorrow. I need an injection of color, and pansies are so tough they can even survive being snowed on. Big talk. Actually, because our house is down in a bit of a hollow, it sometimes has a micro climate of its own that is a little bit warmer, protected from the worst of the wind.

  9. My chives are comin up too! In fact, almost ALL of my herbs are starting to rise. I am a little dismayed since last year, it snowed up until May 1st! But, my plants under the lights in my basement are growing like little weeds. I was planning to put them in the ground mid May, but I fear that their roots will need out of those little pots by early May. Always a worry on the prairie where it can be 79 degrees one day and the next we will have an ice storm......but your birds seem very chittery and happy.

  10. I adore the Woden plank look of your house

  11. I like your chive planter. MUCH more convenient than the flowerpot I grow mine in that must be buried in a larger pot each winter

  12. Good to see things growing after your long cold wet winter! That finch is a pretty one; glad you got to spot them and get a picture!


  13. We started cleaning out the flower beds. I'm never quite sure is something is dead or just a late starter. Our tulips and daffodils are in full bloom. I like your yard art.

  14. They do look very much like my Bearded Irises, but maybe not.

    I hope your winter in Ohio is finally over, Joanne.

  15. I will certainly come back in the spring for another look. I love your yard art.
    It's nice to see things coming back to life at last.

  16. Goodness spring does come late in your part of the world but I bet your summers are wonderful.

    The mystery bulbs look like hyacinths ....

    I hope you are on truly on the way to spring now Joanne.

  17. How very enjoyable, it is like being taken for a walk around your garden with you.

  18. Well, it's good to see things starting to grow -- Spring may arrive for you in time for Easter! I'm off to New England on Wednesday and keep looking to see if it's warming up yet... They look like iris to me -- but then I'm often wrong about these things!

  19. Hope always springs eternal, at least in the spring. Seeing the green peeking through the cold ground is a promise.

  20. i had to come back and check this post out--i always so enjoy your gardening ones :)