Sunday, April 20, 2014

We're readly

Rain barrel, check.
Anemones, check.
Pay attention to Laura's neat rows of fall blooming crocus,
From the more than 400 we dug up and moved last fall.

Lettuce tower, check.

Little to do yet except notice what's growing.
Coral bells.
Hyacinth! They're everywhere.
We must have planted a lot of them.

Lots of anemone. 
They will be striking next year and next.

Pansies. Anyone can have pansies.
Look at all the crocus in the bed we completely cleared!

Three with one shot!
A brown headed cowbird, still in winter garb.
Two goldfinch.

The cowbird, wishing I would leave, no doubt.

A downy woodpecker.
The birds aren't so overwhelming as in the winter.
They're working off the last pail of seed, then
Finis until fall.

Tulips and our solitary crocus.
The two beds beside the stairs are pitiful.
They will get a makeover this year.

No sense in boring you with the rest of what's growing.
Especially as I cannot remember their names.
When folks tell me this year I will put their name on a stake and drive it into the ground. I do have:
giant bearded iris. Regular iris. Flags, my dad called them.
All the little ground cover plant-a-ma-whosies Laura and I picked out last fall.
They're happy.
Brown eyed Susans are up.
Clematis, too.
The pinks, and all the rest of Nina's plants last spring.

This is just a chunk of winter detritus.
I cannot imagine how it obtained the coloration.

And, of course!


  1. 400 crocus bulbs!? Oh, how lovely that will be! When all are blooming, you must get those photos up for us homesick uprooted mid-westerners.

  2. Hari OM
    Don't knock the dandelion... leaf and flower good in salad (a little peppery...a pansy or two are good too!), root dried and ground makes a good ersatz coffee; the whole is a liver tonic. Just don't let the deer pee on it... &*> YAM xx

  3. Your garden is certainly coming along nicely. Not too muc exciting in ours. The rhubarb is starting to make a showing and a few daffoldil bulbs have sprouted. I think they are all afraid there will be more snow.

  4. I'm a flower underachiever. Even in the dandelion department...we pay Scott's.

  5. Looking really, really promising. Reward for all that (very) hard work. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I am thinking I should sell dandelions! The open fields are full of them. It is amazing how fast the flowers and trees come alive. Like you, I can't remember the names of all my flowers ....... or where I planted them!

  7. It will be beautiful when all comes to bloom! The fruition of many hours of hard work!


  8. Looks like everything is organized and ready for summer. Enjoy!

  9. How wonderful, Joanne, you are all ready! Happy Easter to you.

  10. You make me homesick for my farm days... loved them dearly... then remember how much work, how many hours, and how the weather could destroy so quickly... I'm happy now to watch things grow in other folks blogs..... quite beautiful... but wish you could add a smell button so I could smell those hyacinth, the dug up earth and all....

  11. I was always very good at growing that last one. The others not so much.

  12. You can always count on the dandelions to come back again and again ... and again ... You're going to have fun watching everything else come up after all the backbreaking work last year!

  13. Dear Joanne,
    what an impressive list! The feeling of satisfaction that so many plants have survived the hard winter, and that your plans work out (there will always be some left, and that is good). I love dandelions, by the way (of cause in moderation).

  14. But of course! What is spring without a dandelion or three?
    Your garden is going to be gorgeous when everything flowers!

  15. nice to see all those growy things up there. spring finally made it.

  16. those are some very neat rows indeed, I can almost smell the sweet smell of the earth freshly turned

  17. I'm intrigued by the lettuce tower!
    Jane x

  18. It is so exciting to see the beautiful results of all your hard work -- and there is nothing more rewarding than the promise of Spring after a long hard winter.

  19. In a few years you should have riotous spring color.

  20. I'm so glad spring is here for you. I'm taking a breather from working on our trip album from our Southeast Asia trip. It's grueling work. I can't wait until it's done!!! Arrrghhhh....