Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Around town

A few times since spring I've stopped for some pictures around Peninsula.  I find one house especially pleasing, and hoped to photograph it in several seasonal dresses, but what the heck, it's time to share.

Peninsula is on the National Register, and homeowners have some restrictions.  The house on the right had serious roof and porch work last summer and all the gingerbread was replaced.

I pass Mother of Sorrows church every morning driving into work.  Father, or more probably the good women of the church, dress the church seasonally.  These stoles went around the door at Easter.

I pass the fence at least twice a day, too.  I love it for framing a picture, and for making a picture charming.

I like it for the ivy coming through in the spring and the daffodils in its yard.  And, I like it for the wonderful stone wall along the other side of the drive.

The peaked house in spring, and today.  Ten years ago, when I began working for the township, this was a one story cottage.  Such a pleasant looking house now.

Two more front yards on my way to work.  Ed's gardens, on the left, change at his whim as he moves stone blocks around.  The house on the right generally is leased for offices.  I believe it's vacant right now.

Another house on the way to work.  The azaleas in bloom in the spring.

All the sidewalks in town are slate (which is extremely slippery when wet), except the replacement for the sidewalk this catalpa pushed aside.  The silver rod on the left is my car's antenna. 

And at work the lower level landscaping is beginning to take hold and look official.  Daisy's in bloom here, in front of a little tree that sheds its bark.  No idea what it is.


  1. It's so much fun when the environment can put on different seasonal dresses. That's what I miss so much here in Hawaii.

  2. It is nice to get a glimpse of part of your world Joanne. It looks like a very attractive place.

  3. You do live in a very pretty place!

  4. It looks a most attractive place to live...though the slate pavements would have me worried in the wet.

  5. What a sweet and scenic town!

  6. How observant you are Joanne. How many people pass the same area every day and do not stop to look at the changes going on?

    What a lovely town you live in.

  7. Think the tree is a sycamore. Love your town the way you picture it..

  8. Taking a walk with you is always such a treat!

  9. What a lovely way to work. Thank you for sharing.

  10. What a glorious walk/drive you took us on. Thank you so much. (The slate would worry wobbly me though.)

  11. We have a very slow internet connection, so I hesitated about waiting for the photographs to be enlarged - I am so glad that patience won. Your town is beautiful. I love the wooden details on the houses, the stone walls, the beauty of it all.

  12. What pretty buildings. Thank you for the walk. I just love wooden buildings with gingerbread fretwork.

  13. I like the peaked house very much. Hard to believe it was once a one story cottage.

    1. It took close to a year to add the second floor and complete the job. A garage was built outside, or renovated (don't recall) and given swinging carriage doors.

      On the corner to the post office a post and beam addition is being added to an old house. No before pictures, but the finished result will be neat.

  14. Nice photos. I enjoy looking at homes.