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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Laura's sunflowers

For many years there was a grape arbor here.  A fungus blew through, the vines made grapes every year, but they withered before they were grapes.  Last fall Tom dug them up and burned them.  Laura thought sunflowers would be a good replacement, and she and Uncle Tom planted sunflowers.

In all fairness to them, our side yard is on the deer trail. They come from the woods behind the garage, stroll through the yard (and the big garden beside the garage), cross the road and disappear in the woods across the street.

So, sunflowers on the way merely provide another nip and nibble. "A little taste, dear, and we must be on our way."

The sunflower stalks continue to grow, in spite of being topped.  At first Uncle Tom planted more seeds. Then the deer didn't need to bend so far for a tasty morsel to chew on the way.  Or, one more bite for the road, perhaps.

Uncle Tom left sunflower outside the fence for the deer.  But the rest of Laura's sunflowers are for the birds.


  1. I hope these get huge flowers with tons of seeds! I will add, though, that one year we had a bumper crop of sunflowers and I put bags over the heads as they were starting to "go to seed". Thought I'd have lots of seeds for winter until I took the bags off and found that mice or chipmunks had climbed inside and had enjoyed an indoor dining room for a few weeks ;-)

    1. How funny. Of course everyone finds them, one way or another. I'll bet a chickadee or two helped the mice and chipmunks.

  2. Dear Joanne, I like how your family takes care of the wildlife! I wonder if sunflower leaves are as tasty as tender dandelion ones? Peace.

  3. Awww, poor sunflowers. At least the dear deer are happy.

  4. There needs to be a sign. "Laura's Snack Bar".
    Jane x

  5. Gorgeous. And I never thought I would be thankful not to have deer.

  6. I am very happy not to have deer coming in my yard. Sunflowers are very hardy though. Did the deer not eat the grape leaves?

  7. He could try planting them in a crack in the driveway or near the garage. I think I saw someone do that once....

  8. In Banff and Jasper parks, the trees and anything one doesn't want nibbled are surrounded by little deer-proof fences. When our kids first noticed them, they asked their father what they were for. He told them it was to keep the trees and/or plants from roaming. They believed him . . . for a while . . .

  9. You are so kind to not be aggravated about the deer. I love your live and let live attitude. I need to learn from you.