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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Repressed visions

It was fun to go through the DVD of my dad’s slides made from the VHS made from the slides and look at the several hundred pictures I had selected for that narrative from the thousands dad took.  I had a pretty good idea of which ones I would concentrate on when the scanning began. 

I’ve been days figuring out the scanner.  I was so discouraged I was going to give it to a school so kids who know more than I do could get some use of it.  But today, with the aid of a flashlight, I located and pressed the last two secret buttons that released the “protective cover” and revealed a second light source required to scan film.  This stuff is not intuitive, no matter how often the manual says it is.  There was no parts list with a number and arrow pointing to a protective cover.  The manual says remove it, but doesn’t bother to say where it is or how it’s removed.  But right on the front page someone wrote the device is so simple a novice can use it at once.  Liar, liar, pants on fire.  Enough blowing steam out of both ears.

When I took the slide boxes off the shelf I had no idea which had the VHS slide project, so I just started.  The first four boxes went quickly as I realized they were the discarded flora and fauna pictures.  My dad was a superb photographer; those slides could be in calendars or travel brochures.  But, enough, already.  I did look through every one of them in the event I’d missed something, and I did.  

 The parachute.

 The parachute, the monster and the station wagon in which the parachute is a boot extender for the station wagon.

1961 in the Blue Ridge mountains.  Backs of Mom and Jan; then counterclockwise, Mel, Dad, Walt and Joanne.  Oh, I don't know which I loved more, the glasses or the blouse with the tuck pleated front.
I’ll be in a hole and pulling it in after me for the next little while as I scan  good memories.  I am so amused there was no picture of the parachute or the army tent on the VHS!


  1. That is one cool tent. Certainly no one was going to get lost in the campground. Just take the second road past the striped tent.

  2. I can't believe you found pictures of two in one! Totally, totally cool! After lamenting the loss of photographic evidence. Yay!

  3. Love this memory! And that tent! One would almost expect to see circus performers entering and exiting!