Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bekka ventures

My oldest granddaughter is Rebekah; she graduated high school last June and started college courses in September.  As you’ve noticed from her tractor driving, she has spent some time down here at grandma’s and Aunt Jan’s.

On my way to the box of slides I intend to scan, I came across three albums of pictures.    Here is one of Bekka’s first ventures.

Grandma on the business end of the spinning wheel; Bekka assists.

But this takes the prize:

Beka climbs up for a hug and a kiss from Aunt Janice, but then gets interested in looms and rug weaving.

Easy.  She can handle the shuttle and get that second beat when the shedd is changed.

Change the shedd, Aunt Jan.  Another shuttle to throw.

See how it's done?

We're getting into it now.

Thanks for giving me room to work here.

Probably has journeyman papers in her back pocket.


  1. So nice to look back on the pictures when they were little.

  2. See, and mine at that age just turned and turned the crank, winding all the warp onto the take-up beam!

  3. What a hoot! All captured in slow-motion photos. I will laugh at that all day.

  4. Always good to start young! ♥

  5. That is the cutest thing ever! Train up a child . . .