Saturday, June 12, 2021

Remiss, negligent, or both

It was difficult to pull myself together enough to write about the show. Now we are a week later and I still am gone incommunicado. What is wrong?, I hope you have asked.

Little or nothing, in fact. I joke sometimes about "terminal ennui", and I would accuse myself except I have spent a lifetime of the opposite behavior. Perhaps I was bone tired and needed to sleep. I don't think so. I simply need to find a constant source of people who will interact. Time to investigate groups again.

I know we should stay united on the issues that brought Biden to the presidency. Again, I should look for people to support and participate with. I feel little happened during "shut down", and we should be reuniting behind causes. Again, I know of nothing to jump into, and need to begin researching the best new fit for me.

One bit of history I've thought of, lately. I wonder if the Palin effect could happen to the former president? 

There have been some home front developments. I took El Gato to the vet for annual vaccinations, plus. My vet is admitting a controlled number of patients to the office. I still prefer the routine of handing over the cat carrier and waiting in the car. Toby was updated on vaccinations prior to going to the salon for another close shave.

He also was prescribed an antibiotic for presumed urinary tract problems. It is sprinkled on his food daily, beginning today. As I was making my own breakfast, Mr. Cat came out of his room and planted such a look I knew he could only be referring to dose one. I hope this does not become a contest.

This car pulled into the vet. I wish I could identify it. Here is a close up of the insignia. Any guesses?

We had daily rain this past week. That has meant flourishing plants and no watering by myself. Here are some wonderful pictures.

The Gerbera, and little more to say. I cannot remember one that bloomed so profusely.

This is a silly shot; the pot of wildflowers holding a downed white Mandevilla. The glass lady stands guard.

A nose dive into the zinnias. There is a little flower bud in the very center of each green shoot. Soon the pot will be waving with blooms, and zinnia are among my favorites.

Every mandevilla is a beauty. The pots are beginning to fill in and have lots of blooms.

And on that note, off to lunch and some weaving. Lunch is cherry custard. It is so delicious that I will consume the entire batch, four eggs and a quart of milk, in four lunches. All I can say is, if interested in "jam custard", just do it. Eggs and milk are completely forgiving. After your mixer froths the eggs, add the jam of your choice, then the milk, and just bake it up. Mine took over an hour to produce a clean knife to the middle.


  1. Terminal ennui--I love that expression. I felt a lot of it during the shut down and now that we're opening up, I feel a bit lost about my place in the world or how to act or interact. Cats are so funny!

  2. Your meal sounds great. This is something I will try soon.

  3. I did indeed wonder, "What is wrong?" but figured your were recuperating from the show--being out in the world again!

    Cute yellow car! I don't know the maker's insignia but I do recognize the Jesus fish...

    What sort of groups do you mean? Political or artistic, or both? Something online?
    I was just wishing for a group of some kind myself...

  4. Loving your garden.
    Jazz got me up a little after 3 this morning agitating for his morning tablet (or the roast beef I wrap it in).
    I hope you do find a group which excites and energises you (while continuing to feel shame for how little I do in comparison).

  5. Lovely garden! Your flowers are always spectacular. Still remember the sunflower growing from a crack in concrete.

  6. I am having an ennui problem myself. I hope I can end it soon.

  7. I showed my husband the picture of the car thinking that he would know immediately but he is a bit baffled. Definitely a General Motors car. He is now intrigued and is researching. I'll let you know what he says.

  8. Hari Om
    Dare I confess that I didn't realise it had been a week since seeing you... then again, I've been in my own for of TE!!! Mind you, I had thought that after all your recent exertions, you would need some recovery time. Building up connections again is to be done carefully. I am aware that my own 'down' is a response to having had to be so busy and having company for two days in the previus week. As joyous as it was, it also required more energy output than had been the case since some time. We all have to emerge from the cocooning effects of the past many months! YAM xx

  9. Doing a show does take it out of you.
    Best of luck with El Gato!!
    The car is intriguing....a quick goggle badge like it!!

  10. I certainly recognise the ennui, though it isn't yet terminal. It's very disorientating going to all those newly-opened places that were closed for so long. They're familiar but not familiar, as if I've been in a coma for 15 months. It's not back to normality but back to a sort of pretend normality that doesn't yet come naturally.

    I hope Mr Cat doesn't get too obstreperous.

  11. what magic did you do to that gerbera? I did an image search for car brand insignias and nothing came up. are you sure this isn't where the key goes to unlock the trunk?

    so the Methodists aren't up for cards yet? or is that a done deal? I definitely suffer from terminal ennui these days. takes much more effort to go out and do things now that we can.

  12. The 'ennui effect' is happening here too Joanne as we begin to come out of Lockdown (although the Delta variant may well cause another delay) but I think everyone is finding it hard to get going again.

  13. Oh yes, I have the terminal ennui, as well. It's exacerbated by the fact that we can't be outside after 10 in the morning. June is a grisly month in the desert south west. If we have monsoon, July and August will be better.

  14. All of your flowers and plants look so good! The rain you had gave them much happiness and beauty. I imagine last weekend tired you out more than you expected. Something like that, especially if you have not done it for a long time, not only tires you physically but also mentally. I totally understand the term "terminal ennui". I hope Toby feels better soon. May the rest of your weekend be good.

  15. I don't know the make of that car, but from the other insignia I can see it is owned by a Christian. Some joker here has developed a similar logo, but the fish has legs. This denotes a car driven by a Darwinist.

  16. I know hardly any cars. Is it maybe a T bird? Mustang?? I doubt it.

    I am feeling tired these days just thinking about going out.

  17. Weariness and discontentment is common given all we've gone through. It takes work to combat it. For me, keeping busy helps greatly. Several projects (carpenter bee problem, heat pump new install and new flooring install) plus outdoor work is keeping me sane. In 24 hours, Toby should feel better as the meds kick in.

  18. The little fishie on that car screams evangelist, avoid!

    Love your garden.

    I'm in dire need of the antidote too, Joanne. I'm getting far too comfy with my own company and lack of activism. I need a cause. Keep me posted.

    And PS Biden and his Irishness are so adorable. He keeps declaring himself Irish and sticking his oar into the politics.


  19. I would hope the "T" dries up and blows away. I've been thinking he would do himself in for four years.

  20. I am so looking forward to seeing your zinnias in bloom. Your close up of the car logo is too out of focus/blurry to be of any use, but the car itself is beautiful.

  21. I too, enjoy our flowers this time of the year. The most difficult part is keeping the dear deer and rabbits from eating them. We use a natural product that does the trick, but with the rain we have been having makes me wonder about the staying power of the natural product.

    Your container gardening seems to me to be just about right. Not too much to worry over, yet enough to enjoy.

    I was hoping for your jam custard recipe. I used a search engine on my device but the results were not ideal. Please share? Your crostata recipe is a favorite now.


  22. Find a cause, get involved, stop Trump!

  23. My DH believes it is a custom-made 1980 Buick Regal (did not originally come as convertible).

  24. I have suffered from the same "terminal ennui" lately. But will try to be better. As always - your plantings look lovely.

  25. Toby, be a good cat and take your medicine!

  26. Terminal ennui is now to me. Noe it is known by name. 🤪🙄🥸

  27. Isn't it a bonus when it rains every day so you don't have to water the plants? As long as it doesn't last too long, preferably overnight.

    Toby's no fool, he knows you are messing with his food. Good luck with that!

  28. So good to see that the world is still turning - and you are all there, bloggers of my choice!
    I feel with your ennui, love the photos of your flowers (might shed a tear because I cannot see and smell my roses on the balcony in Berlins - MISS them - because I am in Bavaria since two weeks.
    Well, one cannot have it all - here it is utterly beautiful around me, not only on the balcony. And maybe a last rose might be in bloom when I go back in Berlin - I am an optimistic "girl".
    Good to have Internet in my Bavarian home now - and be able to read your blog again.

  29. That is a beautiful car. Wonder what it is.

  30. I know nothing about cars so can't help you out with that. Ask Jerry Seinfeld. If the palin effect means that people everywhere realize that trump is a criminal, then I'm fine with that (I know it's a fantasy).Congratulations on getting through a show.


  31. George says it is an Oldsmobile Cutlass. 1969 through 1971.

    I so enjoy your flowers. Colors are marvelous. Enlivening.

  32. I love Gerbera daisies. Haven't seen them much in Hawaii though.
    Palin effect on Trump. Hmmm... I'm afraid I don't know what that would be. Something has got to stop the craziness of the Republicans right now.