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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dear Joe,

I looked for the box score I was following last night, but it’s gone and I cannot find another. It must have been a good game; the score changed several times in each quarter, and not in six or seven point increments. Always twos and threes. I said to myself, it must be a good game.

I left home with six minutes left in the last quarter. The boys in blue were down, 25 to 23. When I pulled into the end of the line of cars fifteen minutes later, the scoreboard was still lit, and the band was not “playing” everyone off the field.  I supposed the game was just ending. The score was across the top of the board, and I could tell both numbers began with a two.

The band has a protocol I approve of. Actually, they have their own rules of sportsmanship, like not blowing their instruments for a bad play by the opposing team. No badmouthing the other team or band, that sort of stuff. And, they “play” everyone off the field. The drums beat a cadence as the home team and opposing team depart, as the other band marches off, as all the patrons leave. Then they march from the stands and across the field, to the cadence. It’s pretty neat.

It makes the evening longer, because not only have they emptied the stadium, they still must go into the band room and change out of their uniforms.

Not too long after I pulled into line, the cadence did begin, so I settled back to listen to the last act of Los Angeles Radio Theater, and watch the people stream away. Eventually, the stadium lights were out and the band began coming out of the school. Finally, Laura.

“So, you lost?” Grandma hopefully inquired. “No, we won, 29 to 25.”

There you have it. The game is away next Friday. Instead of 12:30, I’ll probably get to bed at 1:30 or 2. A.M., that is. But tonight I must leave in 45 minutes to take the little trumpeter, and me, to the indoor band show, wherein they play their entire repertoire from the marching season. I’ll take the camera, and leave my hearing aids at home.


  1. Lol. I am glad for the report. Wish it could have ended as you wished however.

  2. I can tell what a proud Grandma you are. Maybe next game will be a loss.

  3. Sweet! This brought a huge smile to my face.

  4. Hari OM
    OH dear... am laughing in a gritted-teeth kinda way for ya... YAM xx

  5. Sorry, but I'm a little glad they won.

  6. I guess there's another way of looking at it - the more games they play, the more practice they get. That's good, right?

    You're going to have to learn the art of the nap, if you don't already have that in your repertoire.

  7. Wise move to leave the hearing aids at home. I'll look forward to seeing the photos.
    You'll be in for quite a few late nights if the team keeps winning.

  8. Laura looks so cute in her uniform! You are truly doing good for having her participate in band. One day you'll get to sleep and not be chauffeur and I know you'll treasure the days when you were chauffeur and you got little sleep. By going the extra distance and being available like you are, you are telling her she matters and her activities she is involved in matter too. That's a priceless lesson for a child/young lady to learn and know.


  9. I never cease to marvel at your love and your commitment Joanne.

  10. Laura looks great in her uniform... and what enthusiasm she has!

  11. Oh yes- How well I know all the 'running' involved with kids and all. We have that same thing here- games and dance and practices and parties and gmaes and dance...oh I already said that, didn't I? You keep on, keeping on cuz I know you are just THAT gramma! xo Diana