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Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, in my township

As previously reported,
school was called off last Thursday and Friday.
Not in a civilized manner,
the evening before,
but commencing with phone calls at 5 am.

Add getting up an hour early daily over the weekend
to take Emily to work,
and I was looking forward to catching up this morning,
before hitting the world with a spring, so to speak.

The phone rang again this morning at 5 am;
school was on a two hour delay.
I reported same to the bus catchers.
I went back to sleep.

One of the road guys asked me later why the buses were 
stationed in parking lots, running, at 5:30,
when they were out clearing the roads.

"Obviously to get the buses warm enough for the precious children who don't wear enough clothing,"
I responded.

On a lighter note, the world was two colors today, so I took some pictures.

My favorite: ballerinas en pointe, spinning, spinning.


  1. a winter wonderland, 5 am yikes, nothing to put a cog in the wheel

  2. My 16 yo does shorts in the winter. I don't get it.

  3. Lovely photos. Kids never change. I remember when I was a young one and a lot of my peers would go out in frigid weather (lots of snow, ice and blowing cold) and wear think canvas sneakers (not high tops), no gloves or scarf and an open hoodie or think jacket. I was a a bit wimpier and needed better coverups. I'm still that way. Lately I've been seeing a tween in my neighbourhood wearing a thin t-shirt and shorts as if it were the balmiest of summer days.

  4. So pretty!!! There has to be an easy way to notify parents/students of school closure or delays. That 5 o'clock wake up call would not go over well with me :)


  5. I think that schools have to wait till the day of to call a snow day, unless, of course, there is a foot of snow on the ground the night before. It is always a difficult decision and safety of the children comes first. We have had some scary accidents lately around here.

  6. Love, love, love those photos. Monochromatic magic.
    And feel for you with an obscenely early phone call.

  7. Joanne, I love these photos!!!

  8. The photos are very lovely, worthy of framing.
    We don't get your level of cold here, but we do get silly persons old enough to know better, who wear mini skirts or shorts, don't rug up at all and then complain about the weather.

  9. Love the pictures. One of the only nice things about cold weather is the beauty of frost and snowfall. I'm still glad that we remain snow-free, although there's a little frost on the hot tub cover at night.

  10. Hari OM
    Yes it causes 5am calls and idling of buses... but golly that is some picturesqueness you got there!!! YAM xx

  11. I'm sorry your sleep has been disrupted on a regular basis.. We needs our sleep we does. You made some nice captures with the camera though.

  12. beautiful pictures and the best way I like to see snow. if I had to face that every day I'd go mad, especially at 5 AM. nice that they warm the busses up for the kids.

  13. I find that first picture quite magical.

    1. I liked the cloud of white coming together down the road and round the bend. The first and last were a toss up favorite, so I began and ended with them.

  14. Gorgeous, but better you than me. I can remember bad weather days as a teacher, they usually made us come in even if the students didn't.
    I hate getting up early, don't know how you do it.

  15. Somebody has to make sure those kids who insist on wearing shorts in the dead of winter have a warm place to go. Love the frosty photos.

  16. School is Make up their minds already.
    You have such a talent for making two colors stunning.

  17. You got that last photo nailed!

  18. Beautiful pictures but 5 am phone calls ...... that hurts.

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! But please, 5 am phone calls?! UGH!