Sunday, February 9, 2014


The View
There is no sunshine.

I've seen up to four male cardinals at the feeders at one time,
But can walk to the back of the house
And see as many more sheltering in the brush.

Laura, the Vice-President of Birds, 
and I have studied on the cardinals.
They do no care for the fiddly bird bird feeders.
They use the seed blocks or feed from the ground.
Come spring we'll give them another feeder.

There is no use arguing over a "better" place on the thistle feeder,
The finches get along, on the whole.
The world might take a lesson.

The juncos are ground feeders.
Much as I love them, no special ground station for them.
Our raccoons are wiley! 

Waiting, waiting.
The two metal rods are three foot hooks,
Suspending the feeders.

Finches, juncos, cardinal
At the former stairwell to the garage.

And over here, the path to the woodpile,
Today's accumulation, two inches as of noon,
And no end in sight.


  1. So happy to see your feeders.... and I know all those birds are very happy, too!

  2. Hari OM
    as grim as it might be on one hand, you are finding the joy in it on the other... wonderful shots Joanne! YAM xx

  3. Your birds are well fed and happy....hope you are the same.

  4. Your snowy weather seems to go on and on. The birds must be so glad they have you and Vice President Laura

  5. Your birds are a delight and make my heart sing. And yes, we have learnt (been taught) that they have very different requirements not only for food stuffs but how it is presented.
    And here, as we continue to bake, your snowy images are soothing balm for my eyes. Thank you.

  6. I have spread sunbutter on the deck railings and the juncos love that. I can't go our there now because a bunny has made his home under the snow covered deck chair.

  7. The poor birds seem extra hungry this year,as do the squirrels and rabbits who do a fine job of tidying up.
    Jane x

  8. There there is nothing so beautiful than the cardinals in the snow.

  9. Jealous of your cardinals. Loving the views of all your other feathered friends. What a fine reward for all your bird seed investment. Thanks so much for sharing your visitors!

  10. This has been a long winter for you up in northern hemi.

  11. You are not only supporting the village of people who grew the seed but the village of birds who live around you. It would be hard for many of them to survive otherwise with all the snow.

  12. It looks a lot like Mr Stay Puft exploded all over your yard, all marshmallowy, smooth and white. Very pretty, but I expect you're about ready to see the end of it. I love all the birds, the red cardinal is so bright.

  13. Beautiful birds. Your scenery changes dramatically, doesn't it. Over here in Hawaii, there is very little change. It's still green.

  14. I do so miss the cardinals. But in fact there are so many wonderful colourful birds in the States -- and it must be such a joy to be able to feed them...

  15. We do have a lot to learn from mother nature as well as birds looking to survive in not so good conditions right now. -- barbara

  16. It is a treat to see the song birds at the feeders. Cardinals grab me first.

    Who do you send to get the wood? If it were on the farm where I grew up, it would be me.

    Keep the photos coming.

  17. Those cardinals really add a splash of color to the winter white. The birds are lucky to have you feeding them in this harsh weather.