Friday, February 28, 2014

Ratty has a plan to take back Toad Hall

All God's creatures got a place in the choir
Some sing low and some sing higher
Some sing out loud on the telephone wire
Some just clap their hands or paws or anything they got, now

And throw all the food on the floor!

But Team 61 has a plan.

We have three feeders in the yard.
One has a block of safflower seed,
One holds niger seed for my flying pigs,
And one holds the medium priced fare that everyone, except cardinals, likes.

The feeder by the stairs 
holds the filet minion of bird seed,
the expensive stuff.
Notice the squirrels have attacked the craft show feeders from last year, 
that drug us into this bird feeding business.
The cardinals like that feeder, and are reduced to scavenging under the big feeder until  
spring, and we can provide them a real feeder. Stay tuned, I have ideas!

I have been advised that black birds do not like safflower seed.

This stuff.
I have never seen a jay, starling or cowbird on this feeder.
I guess that's why.

When we fill the feeders tomorrow, we will put a lighter touch on the big bird feeder. 
It's already bluejay proof; they are too big to sit on a ring and use a feeding hole.
The starlings are almost too big; the cowbirds are not too big.
So, we will use technology to send them down below,
To clean up their mess, and dine with the squirrels.

Then we will fill the feeder at the stairwell with safflower seed.
Take that you stupid starlings, go eat all the stuff you put on the ground.

That said, I have the new camera and here's what I did with it today:

A tufted titmouse.

A chickadee.

A finch and a nuthatch.
It's the best picture I got of the nuthatch. Today. I'll get him!

Too many birds on this feeder!

Who does he think he is?

And stay away!

At least two downy woodpeckers use this feeder.
Look at that fat belly. 

And, of course, my flying pigs.
Fat little bellies here, too!.


  1. Good for you! I saw so many beautiful birds when I lived in Illinois, including eagles who built their nest on a neighbor's farm. They had a baby!


  2. Starling are excellent cleaner uppers. Flocks of starlings were introduced in B.C in order to thwart rats. Starlings cleaned up farm field debris after crops were harvested...rats used to do that job but they outstayed their welcome once they decided to move indoors. Once the starlings were hired,the rats were jobless,people were happy.
    If you have starlings, you'll be keeping rats at bay.
    Jane x

  3. Lovely shots of the birds. Sweet little things.

  4. great shots! I have an almost impossible time getting pictures of the blue jays. the cardinals and titmice and chickadees that frequent the tea cup are so used to me that they let me snap away.

  5. New eyes + new camera = excellent shots

  6. Oh my, they really do have fat little bellies, don't they! You're a smart cookie.

  7. With your new eyes, new camera and that bird feeder strategy you've produced some amazing photos! Nice work.

  8. OK, now I have to get back into the bird feeding business, forgot how much fun they are.

  9. Great pictures with the new camera! Lots of birds come to feed at your place! I think you have a good plan for the feeders!


  10. You are definitely Mother Nature's helper. These are fantastic photos!

  11. what fun to see all the birds and didn't know that some birds don't like certain seeds, but I guess that stands to reason, what camera did you get?

  12. What a wonderful variety of birds visit you... I'm not surprised with all that effort put in to the feeders ( not to mention the seeds ! )
    The starlings here do finally clear up their mess - in swarms !

  13. so what is in the feeder that the woodpecker is on?

  14. I love all the fat little fluffy bellies. Glad you've thought of a solution to the starlings and cowbirds, I hope it works out.

  15. Lucky Birds! A type of food to attract each kind.... and you're getting some great pictures of them in return.

  16. I thought the "flying pigs" were squirrels. Technically they don't fly but can leap amazing distances. My wife was told that mixing red pepper into the feed will deter them.

  17. You have many different birds and they all have different tastes.