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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guidance, the help page and a dummy blog

You all know it has snowed on my house for more than an entire day.  I could have taken a very cold winter wonderland walk, like Elaine.  I could have been laid up, like Delores (ouch, and get better soon!).  Actually, I did something equally as challenging and painful.  I spent the day coming to grips with my blog.  

Kay explained to me a week or so ago how to follow a blog that doesn’t have a place to “join”.  Right up at the top of bog pages is a line I never saw: Follow Share Report Abuse Next Blog.  I was only after the Follow function, but confess I stayed up late one night, hooked on the Next Blog function.
Lisleman and Ms. Sparrow both wondered how I came by Cup on the Bus.  Not a mystery to me, but obviously time to clean up my act.  Lisleman mentioned I could make and use additional pages.  A long time ago Delores explained how I could add a Blogs I Follow list, but I couldn’t figure it out and abandonded the attempt, frustrated.
When I announced earlier today I would do housekeeping,  Delores told me to be careful, and that struck me as so sensible,  I set up a dummy blog to practice on.  I named by new blog See how to do it, and learned how to make additional pages, how to get the blogs I follow gadget in the right place, how to list the blogs I read, how to label my blogs!  Google should give me a certificate for passing remedial blogging.
So, I have a tab where curious folks can see how I named my blog.  I have labeled all my blogs so curiouser folks can click on something interesting and see all the blogs about that. And, one day Ellen commented she liked a story, but wished for a program to follow the characters.  So, I will use my new skills to make a third extra page titled Cast of Characters.  Or maybe just Characters.
Posting in haste; Jan just announced supper:  Burning Love.  I’m grateful to all of you for everything.

You can't be talking to me!


  1. Thanks for the background on your blog name. I HAD wondered.

    I have also lost precious time with "Next Blog", clicking from site to site. However, I seem to get more than my share of foreign-language ones!

  2. Success!!!! Good for you.

  3. You're my hero! could you, maybe, run a class?!

  4. Congratulations on getting things the way you wanted them. My daughter gave me a new camera for my birthday last year and I'm still struggling with figuring it out. There are little icons that pop up on the camera screen that drive me nuts and nothing makes sense. The directions tell what they're for but not how to get rid of them!

  5. Congratulations. And I really like your idea of a practice blog. I may have to try that too.

  6. Such a cute cat you have.

    Regards from Sweden

  7. Joanne, blogging has a huge learning curve. I am always behind that curve somehow but that is okay and now there is pinerest and my editing for photos has changed. So much to do. To answer your question about my dresser to the left of my pretty bits was an ugly old small tv. Joe puts his keys and stuff on his dresser and I throw my stuff on the kitchen table which looks like a terrible desk full of papers and such. I almost never take photos at our old house due to the level of dust and darkness that permeates. Thanks bunches for visiting me. Will follow you. xoxo, olive

  8. Oh, you put me to shame. I want to sort out my blog because it's pathetic that I don't even know how to get the header picture the right size. I know it will take me hours.

    Your post above about genealogy interested me, too.

  9. The tabs with your pages look great. Having a practice blog is a great idea. I have used one for quite awhile and should have mentioned that to you. Thanks for the shout-off.