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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cat whiskers

I’ve always collected cat whiskers.  I kept them somewhere, but they generally weren’t there when I thought about them or went to add a new whisker.  No matter, I’d start a new repository.  My most recent collection has three whiskers, although one is too fine to show up.

The new kitten, Toby, has over the legal limit of whiskers, in length, if not in number.  He lost a baby tooth, we found it and I stashed it with the collection of cat whiskers prior to the current collection.  If all my collections ever come together, it will be magnificent.

When we went to lunch at Beth’s last week I took my camera.  She and Shelly have been given charge of the family mementos they dusted as children, but I thought pictures of some might be fun for a blog.  Here are Beth’s baby shoes her other grandma had bronzed.  Do we still do that?

Here is my Grandpa Rolf’s silver baby cup.   Grandma Rolf  kept it polished!  I didn’t.  I never owned silver polish.  I used tooth paste to clean my silver rings.

But look what is in the silver cup.  My son-in-law, Bill, has a fine collection of cat whiskers.  I wonder if the bird feather keeps them from disappearing.

Cats don't think they are people.  They think we are cats.


  1. and I just brushed a cat whisker onto the floor earlier today.

  2. Our cats think that they are underpriveleged people. They lie, but that is another story.
    And Jazz, our boy, knows his status is above mine in the pack. I have never thought to collect their whiskers. I think I may have to.
    Loved this post, thank you.

  3. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

    Very unique enjoyable post...I shall return.

  4. Those are amazing whiskers. I never gave cat whiskers much thought.

  5. Toby is wonderful, that little white moustache is a delight.

  6. I thought I was the only person who collected cat's whiskers!
    My boy Sunny has magnificent long whiskers. I've read that a cat's whiskers are as long as the width of the opening they can crawl through. In that case, Sunny, being a hefty kitty, has just the right length. You always come up with such interesting topics to blog about!

  7. I have never collected cat whiskers. This would be an excellent collection to do in a small space, as it would take up only a small space. Or am I over-thinking this?

  8. If you collect enough cat whiskers and teeth, you can build your own! Love the baby shoes and the silver cup. Those heirlooms are irreplaceable!