Friday, March 24, 2017

No spontaneity until Sunday

My grandson, Francis, wandered into the Washington DC adventure because our destinations might coincide, and he could use a favor. As you recall, he invited me to lunch to quiz me and assess the opportunity. I heard nothing more, and dismissed the possibility of seeing him, until the package intelligence surfaced.

A week and a half ago he asked if I could bring a package for him. Sure, what’s the plan? He hadn’t thought about that, and since he is a spontaneous kind of a guy, he’d just ship it.

I forgot about it again until his mother called, and explained what he was planning to do, which was to bike the tow path trails from Pittsburgh to DC, ship home the bike and other stray belongings, grab the package, containing among other things, his laptop and his photo ID passport, Uber to the airport and visit his South Carolina cousins on Tuesday. He would find us on the mall via his sister’s GPS.

Sounded like a plan to me; I signed off and forgot about it again.

I followed France several days on the trail via his morning and evening Facebook posts.  I was impressed at his determination. He was in it and would see it through. The snow, the frozen trail, camping several nights in primitive conditions, and then that eleven hour day, slogging uphill in mud, walking the bike. Poor guy came out several miles short of a town with decent food (France likes his decent food), and settled for outback poutine; French fries and gravy, served up in a crossroads bar.

But then it was downhill, and he rolled along beside the Potomac River in sixty degree weather, into his favorite lodging, an AirBnB, very near the National Mall. Good food, nice bed, clean clothes. Teddy Roosevelt thought about his safari porter, and texted me, at 6:30 this morning:

How would you like to coordinate package delivery tomorrow? My AirBnB is right by the National Park.

I smiled and went back to sleep. At 8:30, after a shower, dressing, breakfast, bed making and so forth, I replied:

Tomorrow I am driving to Alexandria VA. Expect to be on the National Mall around 10 am Sunday.

Five minutes later: Alright.

I expect he will be through with sister, cousin and grandma long before Tuesday, and change his ticket for a Monday flight.

The weather forecast is outstanding, half the cherry blossoms survived and will peak this weekend. The weather here was so lovely today that I had the front door open all afternoon. 

Toby was beside himself, between standing on the door closer, and peering through the chink at the bottom. I promised him I will get him an all glass storm door this summer and maybe an interior door with full glass this fall, though  that improvement will be more for me than for him.


  1. Have a great trip with the grandchildren. Such a wonderful experience for all!

  2. Teddy Roosevelt's safari porter -- hilarious! Glad the cherry blossoms survived and are timing their debut properly.

    And you don't need a new door - just put a chair there for Toby to sit on. That's what all we crazy cat ladies do -- open door, chair in front of door, chair away from door to close door, open door, chair in front of door, etc. It won't drive you crazy at all. Trust me. *snort*

  3. Toby is too cute! I know he'll appreciate the full glass door when you get it for him later on! Glad Francis made it to his destination!


  4. I'm sure he will be glad to see all of you.

  5. Hari OM
    I dunnon about those doors - glass is a conductor of the heat and the cold... jus' sayin'... meanwhile; happy trails!!! YAM xx

  6. I am thrilled that some at least of the cherry blossom survived and will peak for you.
    Have a wonderful time.
    I suspect Toby will know in his heart of hearts that the glass is for him.

  7. Sounds like your grandson is having a big ole adventure.

    I'm amazed having read many of your weather posts how quickly your weather changes from cold to warm and back again. Meanwhile where I live we are still having coolish climes and the cherry blossoms are no where to be seen. They are definitely late this year.

  8. Traveling mercies to you all, and may you meet up without difficulty. Technology still amazes me!

  9. I hope it all works out and everyone gets to where they say they're going to be and the "package pickup / drop off" (it all sounds very illegal!) goes smoothly! Poor cat. Does he have a window sill he can sit on? -Jenn

  10. I hope the weather is beautiful in D.C. Take jackets just in case!


  11. Have a wonderful time! Or you may be back already as I'm behind in my blog reading. xox

  12. Enjoy the cherry blossoms and the adventurous grandson. Both are treasures.

  13. hope your trip was fun while I've been out of pocket.

  14. I know I've missed out on a lot over the winter (dratted internet) and it's exciting to learn about your grandsons adventures... which now include you. I'd love to be in DC during the cherry blossom time... was once and haven't forgotten how lovely. Hope you enjoy the whole trip!

  15. Watching for some photos and stories!!

  16. Hope you are well and we will hear something about your journey soon.........

  17. I'm really rather worried about you and hope all is well.

  18. Okay, I can't believe that you stayed in DC that long. What's up? Linda@Wetcreek Blog