Saturday, February 27, 2016

In the Linda way

My friend Linda called me last night.
In the Linda way, she wants to put pictures on my blog.
"No, no, Linda; that's Facebook. What would you want to put up, anyway?'

"That one of us in Louisville; we were young and healthy."
"I hate that picture."
"Tell me one you like."

"Maybe that one in Indianapolis, your cousin Bruce took. The first year I helped you at Broadripple, and he set up your tent because I couldn't lift the other side any more."

Linda sent me the three pictures she wants posted on my blog.
She has this titled 'Two almost seventy year olds do a show."

She sent this one, too. It was four in the afternoon of St. James Court Artfest in Lousiville. The show closes at five, but it was my last day; I was retired. I sold the canopy, the display, every last piece of hand weaving except a red dish towel, which we still use. My daughter Beth, and Bill, left champagne in a cooler behind the booth before they had to leave for Cleveland.

Ann, my dear friend and right hand support the last couple of years I exhibited, is in the middle. Yes, that's a hand woven shirt she has on. Me, too.

"Ann won't like that picture going up," I said.
"Ann doesn't read your blog."

A picture of Linda getting juiced.
I think she took a look and decided her hair had to be red, purple and orange, too.

And a little side bar.
At least fifteen years ago my daughter Beth was given a pin to wear at work. It said 'Attitude.' I commandeered one and it hung on my bulletin board.

Before the Arts 'n' Apples show where we froze for three days, I snatched that pin off the wall and took it to Linda. 
"It's all about attitude," said the person who was not facing six months of chemo. What arrogance. 
"Put this on and kick butt."

Linda put it on and wore it everywhere for weeks. In the middle of the show, it was gone. Fell off.
She turned her booth over, retraced her steps.
It was gone.

I told her it wasn't necessary any more. But she thought it was. Nevertheless, you can see she made it to month six, with attitude.

Beth got on EBay and found a new attitude pin. Linda can wear it to meet with the oncologist.


  1. Love the pictures and you all are someone to aspire to. Those shows are hard work. Sweet of Beth to find a new pin.

  2. I like the champagne celebration picture. Sometimes I think I need an Attitude pin, or better yet just a button that you can push when you need attitude.

  3. You tell us about the most "human" things in a way that the words make me feel I've lived it too. I mean that in the sincerest way.

  4. Big, big smiles.
    Thank you and Linda. For the photos and for being who you are.

  5. Bless Linda and bless you too Joanne. You're a formidable team.

  6. I especially like the picture of you, Linda, and your friend Ann drinking champagne. You are all so happy. Must have been a fun time.

  7. Seding best wishes to your friend. A positive attitude really helps.

  8. Hari OM
    Staying strong - with attitude!!! Thanks for agreeing to share the photos... YAM xx

  9. More power to you, Linda. Between champagne, attitude, and friends like Joanne, I see good things ahead.

  10. I love your pictures! And - didn't Ann read the blog? (You will know when she shows up with tri-coloured hair).

  11. What wonderful memories you have shared. Linda please keep that attitude. It may not cure you but it will certainly make you feel happier. It can't hurt. And remember we all care.

  12. Good grief, I hit the "sign out" button instead of the "publish" one. Just dropped in to say thanks to you and Linda for sharing those three photos.

    I'm glad a replacement Attitude pin was found on Ebay. Ebay has been a great comfort to me. Many things I thought impossible to replace have been found for sale on Ebay! Sooner or later, something gets put up for sale. Sometimes I don't even bid on things - I'm just comforted that they are out there and treasured!

  13. Attitude is everything, glad you got a replacement pin. Love the photos, you're about as short as me.

  14. Yes, I agree! It's all about the attitude!

  15. and now just one correction- Ann and I bought the champagne and hid it in the big iced truck near the Caldwell House. Talk about an attitude......Sitting there bigger than life drinking a champagne toast in the middle of the show. Promoter, Susan Coleman was mad she didn't know in advance or she would have joined us.Mailman has already been alerted to watch for package from Beth on Monday so I can meet him, get the attitude and hit the road to Farewell Chemo Tour. Keep the prayers coming. I'm not in this alone. Will be back in touch when my head clears and stomach settles. ps. still like the first picture.

  16. Ok, I may be wrong on the champagne..Sort of remember Bill picking out the champagne in the liquor store by the Day's Inn that had the parrot. Remember trying to get glass flutes but wound up with plastic. Joanne/Beth-right or wrong? Definitely kept in the Caldwell house refig truck.

  17. I loved the touch of the champagne at your last show when you retired. I love that the atti6 pin was replaced, but most of all I love the special friendship you and Linda have.


  18. Sometimes we all need a little boost like that attitude pin to get us through, don't we?

  19. I think Linda has plenty of attitude but a bit extra never goes astray.
    Hope she's feeling well.

  20. Wishing all the best to Linda!!

  21. It will be comforting to have that pin, no matter what our heads say is real and not real. And friendship - and the effort to replace the pin - is the most real thing of all.

  22. I'm on my way and I have a huge ATTITUDE.. Thanks, Beth.

  23. Linda sounds like a strong woman with attitude and humor. It's great to have a friend like that. I'm wishing her a speedy recovery.