Friday, June 19, 2015

Thespian redeux

Borrowed freely from my Facebook feed,
this year's troupe of actors, assembled and actorly.

Laura's first skit was a scene from Finian's Rainbow.
She's the sharecropper there on the right, waiting for the curtain to rise.

Getting "what for" from a very small lass.

The dastardly sheriff and the corrupt senator.

Pay up the taxes or lose the land.

Not enough money!

Saved by leprechaun gold. 

And a partnership is formed.
The end.

The closing battle. Because there must be a mighty battle at the end.
The airy fairy group on the left; the sturdy peasantry center, the whiny young king and his young mother; the yeomen, and the narrator, center front.
Still looking for Laura. 

Looking for grey sneakers.

Not here.

Not here.

Not here.

Ah, ha. Last on the left.

The battle begins. She lays low one sturdy peasant and engages a yeoman.

Still battling the yeoman, heedless of another with a broad sword.
Curtains for Miss Airy Fairy.

The narrator, surveying the carnage.
Nothing to do except pick up the fallen crown and put it on his own head.

Except--the whiny child prince and his young mother only feigned death.
The End.

Taking their bows.

Same time, same place, next year.


  1. How utterly charming. Reminds me of my experiences with my two thespians, 20 and 30 years ago.
    Thanks for the light moment, today needs one for we who can have one.

  2. So sweet. I remember the movie. Did anyone sing that song? I love it, but can't remember the name of it.

  3. I think she might have had fun?? Looked like a cute presentation :)


  4. The whiny child prince ALWAYS survives. Sigh.
    Loved this post though.

  5. What a great lot of fun for actors and audience alike.

  6. My goodness - a cast of thousands.
    And how lovely to watch a theater production outdoors.

  7. Hari OM
    Outdoor theatre is the greatest fun... presenting/hearing dialogue being a big challenge. Then again, your photos told the story with nary a sound heard!!! What a delight. YAM xx

  8. What fun! It is astounding what young people can do.

  9. What fun, I loved my drama classes when I was in school.

  10. camp is over? didn't you just drop her off? what fun for Laura and what a stroke of luck for her the day you decided to take the grandkids.

  11. The bodies lying on the green--what a great battle! And what great experiences for all, esp. out on the grass! Awesome!

  12. I wish I had been there. Watching as young actors learn about their craft is magical.

    1. They learned "things." How to move backward. How to fall. You don't think of those sorts of things as part of acting.

  13. Well that was different, don't know the story and haven't seen the movie but it sure looks like everyone had fun.

  14. That looks like loads of fun!

  15. This is wonderful, Joanne - acting is so much fun!

  16. That was lovely, Joanne!


  17. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. My granddaughter would love to have this opportunity!

  18. I know that Laura must have had a wonderful time. Drama does terrific things to one's character. Will be anxious to talk to her about it and thanks for offering it to her as a summer program. Our dreams are all about our imagination.