Saturday, June 13, 2015

Singularly unmotivated

Perhaps it's the storms,
or the humidity between, but I have been a sloth the last couple of days.
After another long storm overnight, I remembered Laura's observation the nasturtium leaves shed water, so I took my camera out to see what did not.

Solomon's seal.

(Note to self--to really spot the weeds, take a picture of something.)

Lily of the Valley.

Hosta, about to bloom.

Another hosta.

This little plant arising from the middle of some colchium,
is a mystery.
A weed? A gift from a chipmunk or squirrel.
A germinated bird seed?
When its head stands up and blooms, maybe we'll know.

I am determined to learn and remember the name of this little bush. This year will be the year! So, what is it, please.

Canterbury bells.

The ground covers, taking possession.
How I love them.
The anemone foliage still green.

Another ground cover. The weeds are struggling to survive.

Lupine about to bloom.
The humming birds can hardly wait.
Spanish moss taking over here.

And, the flower tower.
Some small tweeking in order for next year.

And finally, toad, trying for a peek over pig's shoulder at the nasturtiums.


  1. Hari OM
    Lovely load of leaves!!! Seriously, some of the prettiest things in nature are the leaves - blooms are just their decoration! Sorry, can't help you with either of the flower names in this instance! YAM xx

  2. So beautiful, Joanne! I am one of the worst when it comes to names of plants and flowers. I am better at animals. :)

  3. Your mystery bush looks a bit like a magenta bush to me....I love your variety. And my hostas never bloom til mid August.

  4. Like Maria, I suspect the mystery bush is a Magenta --"False Spirea" perhaps. Beautiful garden photos!

  5. astible, you have the same one as I do. Ha.

  6. Lots of colour in your garden.

  7. Rain or not your garden is progressing nicely. You have such a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. Lovely.

  8. Such pretty pictures of rain on the leaves. My hostas are the prettiest they have ever been this year!

  9. sometimes garden photos are about all we can muster. I'd tell you what that pink thing is if I knew.

  10. Love your garden.
    Into every life a little sloth must fall - and you are entitled to your down time.

  11. Sorry can't help you most of my flowers are red, yellow etc ones, I can never remember their names let alone spell them but the are all pretty and different colours in the leaves are always good.
    Your garden is looking lovely.

  12. How wonderful to be able to grow lupine. The only time I see it is when we're in a high elevation or in a cooler place. I don't think I ever saw it in Chicago though. Your garden is looking very beautiful indeed.

  13. So they do shed water, how interesting.

  14. It is the humidity (or it is for me). Have a glass of iced tea and relax in your gorgeous yard (or looking out the window!)
    And btw, those are Coral Bells/Heuchera not Canterbury Bells (see, I have learned something at the garden center!)

  15. Wow, your tower has power! It looks terrific, Joanne.

  16. So many pretty green plants there!! I don't know the name of your plant, sorry I couldn't help. I did join a Facebook group here for the city I live in. Everyone's always posting pictures of plants asking what their names are (so I've learned a lot that way what is growing here) and they also post pictures of snakes found (that doesn't make me too excited, LOL). Maybe your city has such a site where you could post pictures asking for help with names of plants?


  17. I don't have a clue about your mystery bush, yet it looks so familiar. The flowers look similar to salvia, in shape anyway. I don't suppose you know what type of sedum that is in your second photo? I like the leaves very much.
    The whole garden is looking good :)

  18. Dear Joanne, so lovely photos, thank you!
    Speaking of "singularly unmotivated" - I am too, just coming back from ravishing New York and brilliant sunshine-drunken Crete;I have to warm up to blog-writing again, slowly starting with comments that come adoringly from my heart.

  19. You make me wistful about my own gardening days... I don't think my tomato plant in a 5 gallon bucket that is covered with motor oil logos qualifies as gardening. (the bucket, not the plant).... but your nasturtiums are still my favorite.

  20. I highly doubt you have EVER been a sloth, but it is good to take a few moments to enjoy that garden you and the girls have worked on so hard.

  21. Gorgeous photos of your garden. Looks like you and the girls really spend a lot of time on the garden. It looks like a showcase garden! -- barbara

  22. Lovely photos, lovely plants!

  23. I like the glass ball. Not sure what you really call that...