Monday, March 9, 2015

How do I know it's spring?

I've been busy at the loom. 
I took off twelve or so yards of sapphire woven on the sapphire warp.
Here it is, ready to go down to the washer and dryer.
And here is my cat, Toby, who considers himself essential.
And there behind him is Helen, my essential and unassuming model.
Suddenly I heard her say "I wish I had a pair of basic jeans. Like the ones the pretty girls in the Land's End catalog wear."
How can I deny her?

I stopped at Village Thrift, in Cuyahoga Falls.
A very large second hand clothing store.
I was blinded by the racks of spring pastels.
I felt like I had entered a cattle chute.
Where were the basic jeans?
Perhaps somewhere in the store,
but I was already sneezing from the fumes of the dry cleaning solution.
I stumbled to a rack of summer shorts and picked a pair for Helen.
She wears them well, even as a mono-ped.

We all are enjoying the saga of the ski run managed by millenials, I know, 
so here is another mini chapter.
Emily threw herself into the car Sunday, slammed the door,
snatched at the seat belt and said
"I hope ALL their snow melts!"

Millenials as they are, these youngsters have pretty much sorted themselves over the season.
Sunday someone from "upper management" showed up, and began assigning them to lifts.
"But we pick our own!"
Didn't fly on Sunday.
Emily was assigned to the north slope lift, the one limited to experienced skiers.
"They aren't nice!" (The skiers)
"When I say 'Good Morning' they grunt or snarl.
"When I ask them to fill the seat, to keep the line moving, they say they're going alone!"
I guess the cheerful little earfull is much happier with young families.

There probably is a two foot base on the runs.
In spite of fifty degree weather,
There will be skiing next weekend.
Hopefully "upper management" won't show up.

Pig and toad, surveying our 18" base.


  1. Helen is rocking her outfits.
    And I love the term millenail. I may borrow/steal it.

  2. No excuse for anyone to be rude to a young lady just trying to be friendly while at work. I'm surprised the better skiers don't know better.

  3. Hari OM
    Trendy model, that Helen... Interesting that the teenager knows when others are crossing the line; may need reminding of it sometime. Store it in the 'remember when...' file! YAM xx

  4. It's such a shame that so many people are so rude nowadays!

  5. Very nice top and lovely cat.

  6. The most important part of those first jobs is learning how to deal with people - the ones you are unfortunate enough to work for, the ones you work with, and my personal favorite - the public.
    No wonder I always treasured the ability to go in my classroom, shut my door, and teach.

  7. How much base is necessary to ski? Emily is sure learning a lot about human nature... good and bad. And what valuable lessons they are....

  8. Toby considers himself essential? It's obvious to me that you can't manage without him.


  9. First jobs. You learn such a lot.

  10. Helen does indeed look lovely in her shorts. She is such a fashion plate/

  11. I give you Rosemary Clooney, who said it best:

    I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm, I'm as jumpy as puppet on a string
    I'd say that I had spring fever, but I know it isn't spring
    I am starry eyed and vaguely discontented, like a nightingale without a song to sing
    O why should I have spring fever, when it isn't even spring

  12. Poor girl....but's money. And she's learned an important life lesson.

  13. Entitled people kind of make my blood boil.

  14. Helen models well :) Downright rude people on the ski slope. Good for Emily trying to be polite despite them not being polite back to her.


  15. Well dressed Helen ! How rude of people - nothing beats a cheerful smile & greeting - keep going Emily as you are the better person.

  16. sounds like a great thrift store to me, but why the dry cleaning fluids, yikes

    1. Everything in the store is dry cleaned before hanging. It generally is less overpowering, but yesterday the store was crammed. The aisles were narrow. Things were hung three high; I had to jump to release the hanger with the shorts from the top bar. No idea how I would have replaced them if necessary.

  17. It's melting here! The fog just rolled in.

  18. I guess you would go blind in a muumuu factory due to the bright multi colored clothes.

  19. I love the way she perseveres in spite of the rudeness.

  20. Love the green but oh! The blue! As for the experienced skiers on the lift...just a bunch of entitled snobs.

  21. Helen is rocking that pretty teal shirt and cool pants.

    I am surprised that Toby is not sitting on the material, like most cats do.

    In the real world, there are plenty of rude people. This is just another lesson learned on the ski slopes for Emily.

  22. Helen is rocking it! I am tired of all the mushy grounds. It has warmed up and most of th snow has melted and now it is raining. I want a little sunshine in my life!

  23. LOVE your blue fabric!

    It's a tough lesson but good to learn early that keeping a job means doing what the boss says. So much snow! Our weather has been so mild this winter that the resorts that can't make their own snow will be closing early.

  24. TOby is a VERY handsome cat and I love your weaving. And boo hiss to grumpy skiers!

  25. Poor Emily. What was great snow in the beginning changes as it passes through Feb. And March is so iffy.
    Thrift stores do the same to me. And fabric stores with the flying fabric lint send me sneezing, despite my love for the colors.

  26. Dear Joanne, those people you describe: very, very impolite (and politeness comes from the heart). Might be they have some snowflakes in their heart.

  27. I would HATE having to work around the "expert" skiiers. Most people with talent and experience in outdoor sports, especially gear-based outdoor sports, are insufferable. Oh, the egos.