Monday, October 20, 2014

It's happening

Good bye 1988 bathroom.
My house was built in 1940.
The downstairs bath is seven by eight feet.

The demo begins.
Jim, in the red shirt.
He's bailed us out of the problems of earlier substandard contractors.
Mike, his young helper, on the right.

My old bathroom, in a dump truck.

More for the dump truck.

More to come down.

The Plan B problem.
That's the shower drain, in front of the water pipes.
It needs to relocate about a foot south (Plan A).
Unfortunately, a foot south proves to hold the heating duct.
Jim's solution is Plan B. Later.

A completely unexpected problem.
The diagonal planks are from 1940.
They should have been repaired in 1988.
That carpenter was Bill, a friend of Mom's.
I hired him on her recommendation.
She stayed out of sight the day I fired him.

End of day one.
Jim and Mike even reset the the toilet,
So this old lady could still sleep in her own room yet tonight.


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  2. Oh how wonderful you'll be so happy, nice to see the diagonal lumber, supposedly it is done that way so the floor doesn't squeak when you walk on it, good construction methods, too bad it needs to be replaced but I see it needs it, can't wait to see the finished photos. will they use red guard in the shower? it really helps with water proofing a wet area.

  3. I'm quite jealous. Our bath /shower should have been condemned years ago (it's bright red!!).
    Jane x

    1. I'm sure you could sell it for a fortune on eBay Jane.

      Joanne, once it's all finished you will be a new woman. I liked those diagonal boards by the way, even if they should have been removed!

  4. What would a renovation be without a few surprises when you get into it? Glad you'll be able to use the toilet tonight.

  5. Glad the new bathroom isn't going on that rotten old floor. Toilet, necessary paper and even Walt's stool. You will be just fine and anxious to see the progression.

  6. The end result will be great; getting there, not so great. Hubby's parents had a contractor they really liked; now years later, all have passed and we see the shoddy work he did. So sad he didn't have more pride in his work.


  7. We renovated our master bath this summer and know of all the problems and expense. We figured we could have had a most wonderful vacation instead. However, it turned out wonderful and the problems are a distant memory. I hope this will be your experience also.

  8. You just crack me up.... personally, I'm vintage 1941... should have been condemned long before 1988.... somehow just keep on with rotted joists, plugged pipes, and ducts that are really iffy. I've already had a plumbing job, had the joists pointed up..... shoddy work? Nah... the structure is giving out no matter how good the repair person is. Hope your job lasts as long as my own work is doing... nothing lasts forever.

  9. Personally, I feel there is NOTHING more important than having access to a working toilet, night and day!

  10. Can't wait for the after pictures

  11. Dear Joanne,
    craftsmen in the house: always much noise and inconveniences (those I posted half a year ago, digging and drilling in front of the neighbour's house are still producing a hell of a noise! Imagine - for one drainage!)
    I wish that your craftsmen are able and quick, and that plan B works well.
    May you enjoy your new bathroom soon!

  12. I love those words: my bathroom in a dump truck -- wish I could say that about mine -- not to mention the kitchen! Looking forward to more pictures!!!

  13. 7 feet by 8 feet? That's bigger than my kitchen which is 6 feet 10 inches by 6 feet 2 inches. My bathroom is bigger but it also houses the laundry.
    Hope your reno goes quickly and smoothly.

  14. We'll be doing that in a year or so, and I can't will be worth the inconvenience!

  15. Now here's excitement...the demolition, repairs, mess, signs of the new configuration. What fun. It's inconvenient for sure but oh wait until you get that new bathroom. Can't wait to see it finished.

  16. Hari OM
    ...that's eight square feet more than mine; reno-s always bring surprise and disruption, so my wishes for a speedy completion! YAM xx

  17. Demos a pill, but soon all will be bright and shiny. Our house was almost new when we bought it, but could you believe the bathrooms had rugs, ew! Here in the south rugs should never be in the bathroom.

  18. Relax Joanne - it will all be finished and spanking new and you can luxuriate.

  19. We absolutely love having work done on our old place, it is so exciting. One neighbor calls it the Winchester house of Portland….it even has a ghost to go with it. That renovated bathroom will be very nice. Lots of photos please.

  20. Wow, what an upheaval. Glad I don't have to go through all that.

  21. I'm glad they left you with a working toilet. I know the oldest bathroom in my house will need doing at some point, but for now, i'm putting my hands over my ears and singing, "La, la, la, not listening."

  22. Our bathroom has been painted again and again over 60+ years to where it has stalactites. It may just be the scariest room in the house. Glad yours is rejuvenating! Gives me hope for mine.

  23. Wonderful that you are doing a reno and it sounds like it will be done right! I too have a bathroom reno to do and have been putting it off for a long time already. I need to find the right contractor. sigh *

  24. I hope you love your remodeled bathroom. My hall bathroom could use a new floor. It's not a priority because I use the master bath.


  25. This looks very, very familiar. Our bathroom was torn down to its bones - and some of them removed. Good luck - and I love that you have a Jim to help. (And that he has a Mike.)