Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Picture of the Year

The girls are back in school, leaves are coming down, much of the flower garden looks ready to be put to bed, we're looking forward to a harder winter than last year and road salt ten dollars a ton higher. My mind is looking forward to the end of the year, and looking back for a picture of 2014 to post on my side bar.

I realize I don't have that picture. If I did, it would be Carly and me. But, I don't. Carly is my personal trainer, who looked at me and the black eye and the cane last February and informed me I simply needed my core back and she would see to that.

I've taken some pictures over the year, but not of the studio, or the twice weekly sessions. I started with one pound weights. Carly called them pacifiers. That's what she called my cane, too. It lives in my car now, and I do twenty five reps of whatever I'm doing with an eight pound weight in each hand.

We've met most of her goals, except for riding bicycles down the towpath trail. My head is still not ready. "Hmpfh," she snorts. "We will be riding next spring." I'm sure she's right.

If a picture of two old women shows up, and one of them is fit as a fiddle and the other is me, that will be the picture. In the meantime, here are some pictures I've taken since last February.

Carly's studio is on the left end of the building, the windows at the very top. The rest is apartments, businesses, and a luxury residential suite on the right. It was the apartment of the man who bought up much of Peninsula to save it from development and zoned it into a kind of Brigadoon while he was alive. His foundation rents the apartment as a sort of get away to people who can afford it.

The first fifteen steps. Plus two not photographed.
The spruce up there on the right is lovely to smell on the way by.

Seventeen steps to the first landing.

An elevator. But, you must find Artie, the building manager,
to activate it in the basement.

And the elevator stops at the top of the first flight.

There are still sixteen more stairs to the studio.
I've never taken the elevator.

Looking up at the ceiling and skylights from this staircase.

Looking down at someone's door.
That will be me tomorrow afternoon,
Climbing fifty stairs, 
Water bottle and gym shoes over my shoulder,
because Carly is determined we will ride bikes come spring.


  1. Nice going. Climbing stairs burns roughly twice the Kcals as walking level, and builds muscle mass...not to menition increasing the heart's exercise potential output.

  2. When I first looked at the second last picture (ceiling and skylights) I nearly fell off my chair - because what I "saw" was a LADDER on the left, and I thought you had to climb that to get to the studio! Thought that was a bit much to ask of anyone :)

    Sounds like you are making excellent progress. Go, you!

  3. Ride a bike...a snap. I'm pretty sure you will do what ever you put your mind to doing.

    Call it a hunch!

  4. You'll be ready to visit the Washington Monument in no time!

  5. Riding a bike is easier than climbing all of those stairs!

  6. You rock.
    And those stairs would scare me.
    It does sound as if Carly is nearly as determined as you are - and you will be riding next Spring.

  7. You go girl! I can see you doing that!! It is neat that you took the initiative to work with Carly! It is obviously paying off!


  8. These steps aren't much different that up to my house and i know you can do them. you are on your way and more power to you.

  9. That sounds like great progress....from 1 pound weights to 25 pounds. If you have somewhere safe to cycle, I recommend it. I used to love cutting through the breeze on my bike. The roads where I live are too dangerous for cycling now. But if I ever move to a quieter area, I will definitely take it up again.

  10. I really should read more carefully! I see the weights are 8 pounds, not 25 pounds. What was I thinking of?!!

  11. "a harder winter than last year"
    Is that even possible??
    I remember the stories and photos I saw here then, ye Gods!
    I sincerely hope it isn't that bad, but won't hold my breath.
    I do hope you go riding with Carly next spring. My bike is gathering dust.

  12. fifty steps that's enough exercise for me, amazing what you are doing

  13. *sings* "Riding along on my push bike honey,
    when I noticed you".
    Yes, there must be photographic evidence,so we can all cheer.
    Jane x

  14. Hari OM
    You put us all to shame. Quite right too.

    Meanwhile, batten down the hatches by the sounds of things - I read of someone getting snow up North of you this week. That is just plain scary. YAM xx

  15. I WONDERED about your progress at the gym! Thanks for the update.

  16. Good for her and good for you.

  17. I'm impressed, I use 1 pound weights and I assure you I'll never do 8 pound ones. I hate stairs and our house is nothing but stairs.

  18. Walking and stairs; almost always free and the best fitness machines invented. Looking forward to that photo of you and Carly on bikes!

  19. My goodness, if you can navigate all those steps, you are much fitter than I am. Good for you!!!

  20. Carly sounds great. Good for you, working so hard.


  21. Dear Joanne, I don't know whether you set out to inspire your readers, but you surely inspired me. I'm going to busy some weights. I know they come in sets. I think it's 2#, 5#, and 8#. Whatever. I'm going to start lifting them while the commercials are on television. I watch the national news each night on NBC and then I watch PBS's Newshour. I'll look on line for how to begin and I'll do it! By gum! Peace.

  22. Keep slugging away. As time goes on, you'll be climbing those stairs with nary a gasp.

  23. Keep on keeping on Joanne and the bike ride will be yours.

  24. Good on you! I work on the 4th floor of my office building and take the elevator daily....

  25. pfft. you might find riding the bike easier than walking.

  26. Eight pound weights! That is pretty good. Don't cycle till your balance is OK though. Nothing worse than falling off a bike. But perhaps a stationery bike might be an idea? It can be nice exercise. Personally I wish more people rode trikes, it would be good to see more of those on the road.

  27. Yes, that would burn the thighs quickly! Fun though. I love all those stairs and entryways.

  28. And I bet you WILL be riding a bike in spring!