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Thursday, January 21, 2016

More art

Remember this?

July, 2014
Laura's first formal art class.
Over the next year she and Mrs. P worked on sketching.

Last fall they took a fun break for another fashion project.
Today Aunt Janice, Emily and I attended the reveal.

Laura took a mid fifties, June Cleaver type evening gown,

and restyled it into a breezy sleeveless dress for a young working woman.
She explained her working sketches for the jewelry and the shoes.
The piece of fabric draped on top of the easel is a fabric remnant, perfect for the shawl.
Laura thinks she may wear it to her school dance tomorrow.
The necklace is mocked up from heavy silver ribbon.
The first shoe rendition was heavy and closed.
Now it's light and airy.

 I like her new logo, in the upper left.
Her old logo was LCL in cursive.
This is so classic and streamlined.

I know there will be so many comments on how well they are growing up.
And, they are.
But it takes a village, it really does. Their teachers. My friends. My sister.
Women like Mrs. P.

And a hint I received years ago, from my oldest daughter, who told me, "Thanks for letting me make my mistakes and work through them myself."

I remembered that today when Mrs. P asked Emily if she was worried about starting college in the fall.  The answer was an emphatic "No, not at all."

Another one, ready to leave the gate.


  1. wow, I am amazed at what is happening in some schools now, good for Laura

    1. The school has an excellent art program. Mrs. P is a private art teacher, and a good woman.

  2. Like Linda, I'm astounded at what schools offer these days. I sure wish I'd had the teachers/curriculum kids have today... I was mostly turned off by my teachers and their attitudes. Emily is so talented... and so fortunate to have those talents recognized.

  3. It is amazing, at her age I had no talents at all or if I did know one knew about them. Her work is wonderful.

  4. Excellence should be rewarded. Sounds like neither you nor her instructors have neglected that axiom. Brava!

  5. Yes, you're right. It takes a village. Some are luckier than others to have such a supportive village. The designs look very nice. I'd love to see the dress on Laura.

  6. I do hope she lets you take a photo of her wearing the dress so you can post it here.

  7. Village smillage, you have done an amazing job with these kids...they deserve some credit too of course.

  8. Her sketching is top-notch! From a former graphic designer...

  9. I see a career in the future for Laura! Very well done! And you are right, it does take a village, but it does start with someone who is willing to start the effort and that rests with you.......


  10. Excellent!

    And although home life is the primary source of support, there are truly so many others who can impact our youngsters. Some of them may not even realize it, but every person a child observes helps to form his or her character.

  11. Her poise is apparent even in a picture. The village has done a good job.

  12. Laura is so talented, I see a fashion career for her in the future. If she chooses of course, she may decide a different path.

  13. Ah, how I enjoy Laura's art. The girls make me happy.


  14. Hari om
    Definitely potential in bud there!!! I agree with you about the logo, which is of a style that could become its own pattern... a la Gucci and the quoted CC... YAM xx

  15. That's a nice shawl and I like the necklace, too.

  16. Love the potential shown in this latest work Joanne. You should feel justly proud - and so should all her teachers and those involved. Good luck to her when she changes course in the Autumn.

  17. Thanks to you (and others, and herself) she has grown into a fashionable young lady, with good work results, looking happy and proud.

  18. Good job Grandma.

  19. It takes a village but it mostly you Joanne.laura is a talented girl too.

  20. yes, it takes a village. we used to know that in this country. now we have helicopter parents who will sue you for daring to correct their kid. two down (almost)and one to go. a lot less carpooling next school year.

  21. You have done an amazing job with your grandchildren, Joanne. They are so lucky to have you.