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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Child labor at work

The girls are switching rooms; Emily going upstairs and Laura coming down.
They began last Monday to stage the move. 
I didn't go up, but I assume Laura had as many piles of stuff as Emily.

Emily's room Friday afternoon, after school.
Toby considers the potential.

Friday night after supper. 
A room that glows will not work for Laura.
Dust and hardware removal.

 I suggested old clothes would be in order.
Prep work has given way to primer.

Laura's first go at painting a room.
Two coats of primer and the glow was gone.
Two very tired young women went to bed about ten.

Early Saturday morning.
Except for telling them to paint the ceiling first, they were left to their own devices.
I dubbed this The Great Painter's Tape Caper.
Fortunately we bought the four roll economy pack.

Laura, promoted to ceilings.

Emily's shirt with hand prints is an old school project. 
Laura's hand prints indicate another paint roller has done its job.

Detail work.

More detail.

The radio is in the box. Across the hall, I overdosed on teenage music.
It was OK.

It is still Saturday. Four hours each, Friday night, all day Saturday.
There was a lunch break.

After supper they carried down some essential furniture.

Assembled the bed.
Laura slept downstairs.

Little feet ran up and down stairs most of the day.
I believe it's all moved in.

And now it all goes back together.
I imagine the same thing is going on upstairs.

This was their project and the two of them worked through it.
My contribution was supplies, especially the four pack of painter's tape.
I was impressed.
I cleaned the smear of paint off the door and the door jam without complaint.


  1. Good for them.....great life experience.

  2. Setting them up for life. Did Toby approve?
    Jane x

  3. A regrettable lack of whips in this situation.

  4. That was a big project. I'm certain they felt the sense of accomplishment that comes with a job well done.

  5. Well, they certainly like color. So do I.

  6. I'm getting old, I had to rest halfway through this post. Oh the exuberance of youth.

  7. Excellent job. Painting is not an easy job, and takes tons of patience.

  8. I'm just so impressed by these girls. They are fantastic. And they have so many skills now that will come in handy over the years to come. You helped them with all of that.

  9. You must be so proud of them. They did a great job.

  10. It looks like a different room! Is the change in preparation for Emily moving out in a few months?

    1. Yes. We were going to do it this summer, but what the heck. They did it now.

  11. Seems like they worked really well together on this project :) Good for you for stepping back too and letting them do it (with minimal supervision on your part)


  12. A job well done, congratulations girls. I like the purple and blue combination.
    I remember the year my daughter painted her own room in shades of pink, grey and white, with a large flamingo on a rock mural on one wall.

  13. They did a great job, Joanne - and, as they are (almost) grown-up, you could trust them to do the work on their own. Interesting: the coloured line around the windows - makes them look like paintings.

  14. You should be proud of yourself Joanne,you gave the girls tools for life.

  15. I am speechless with admiration Joanne - those girls are tremendous and it is all up to you. So well done all round.

  16. I echo Weave's remark. Emily and Laura are two capable and determined young women. You've done your job well, Joanne!

  17. Hari om
    One of my fond childhood memories is of learning the art papering and painting... what a great thing for the girls!!! ...and their support crew :-) YAM xx

  18. Just getting a teenager to put out the garbage is an accomplishment. I am so impressed with these girls (and their grandmom who inspires them)

  19. reminds me of last summer painting the back bedroom with my grandgirl. yours certainly do go in for vivid color.

  20. Oh so sweet - two sisters sharing jobs x

  21. Looks good I should hire them. I hate doing ceilings - shoulders, neck hurts too much afterwards.

  22. What capable young people! But look who their grandma is.

    Jobs well done, all around.

  23. The glowy yellow was pretty, but the new purple and blue is very soothing! Great job they did.

  24. Wow--focused and determined!! I love switching up rooms and making life feel just a bit fresh again.

  25. Very good job! I love the colors of paint she chose! Maybe I should set Darian and Harley loose and let them paint Darian's room. I have been putting it off for a couple years now!