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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To the post office and back

I took my camera to run my post office errand.
It's a grey and dull day, but the river is rising and I wanted some pictures.

Well spotted, Joanne.
The heron was tall and thin and looking a lot like the reeds.
Then he moved.

I made a U turn at the end of the road.
The heron was still in the water.
I pulled off quickly, turned on the flashers
and began snapping away.

I heard a car behind and checked the mirror.
Not just anyone.
Oh, no. It's the chief.

The heron left.

"Good job, you nailed the Boston clerk."
"Not, bad. I may report it at tonight's meeting."

I pulled into the Brown Rabbit.
The river obligingly flows below.

The upstream view was dull enough,
the downstream view too dull to use.

I met my first Corgi.

She came half way across the green way,
And ignored me for the rest of my visit. 

 My friend Peggy Jo, one of the Brown Rabbit's principals,
taking in a consignment of plows.

Some spent flowers on the bank.
I'll guess May apple, but don't count on that being right.

After a visit with Peggy Jo
I went downstream to take more pictures.

This is a perfect example of why the First Nations called it the crooked river.
It bends like a snake, making peninsulas of land.

I don't know the history of the piers above, except there were several sandstone quarries in the area and the stone went to market on trains.

I also don't know when the retaining work was done to the river edge,
but again during the heyday of the quarries from the mid 19th to early 20th century.

A block of sandstone on the shore.

I passed this bunch of park guys, walking with clipboards, looking at the river and the trails.

Greeted by Mr. What Did You Bring Me?

And noticed my sister has transplanted my birthday present, complete with the "fork you" deterrent.

That's all! Linda and I are off to Boiling Springs tomorrow, on the great thread quest.

Janice will take a picture of Laura in her twirly dancing dress Friday.


  1. may not have been too sunny but there was lots to see....should have made a citizens arrest of the 'chief' for unlawfully frightening a heron.

  2. Great photos! I especially like the 'dull' river one.
    Did you get a ticket?

  3. An eventful trip to an ordinary place... I love the corgi pictures. They are the favourite dog of our Queen here.

  4. I enjoyed traveling along with you, Joanne. Your day was much more interesting than mine.
    And what a lovely welcome home.

  5. Hari OM
    Crikey, brushing shoulders with the law? Life in the rough there Joanne!!! Fab foto of the feathered one; nice sense of time and place with the rest.... and what DID you bring him??? Safe and fruitful trip to you. YAM xx

  6. Lots going on in your corner of the world! Btw, I think your spent flowers are naturalised St. John's wort.

  7. Some say you get the best shots on a not so sunny day- must be true-so lovely!

  8. The river is boiling..but not too hot for the heron.
    Toby, you are gorgeous! XXX
    Jane x

  9. "Fork you". haha. I'm immature. You also have "Shut the front door."
    Have a nice day!

  10. A very busy day indeed.
    I hope your quest is a triumph.

  11. Oh I'm glad you had your camera with you when you met your first corgi :) (may be the angle of the picture, but the corgi looks a bit "heavy" but soooooo adorable). I guarantee if you had food, it wouldn't have ignored you :) That was a pretty good picture of the heron too!


  12. A lovely assortment of photos. I've been lapping up everyone else's spring pictures, since we are still a month away from seeing the ground. Have a good trip!

  13. That was a pleasant way to spend the day. I wish I had been with you.

  14. Pictures without snow are a pleasure to see. Having a policeman standing outside your car, not so pleasant.

    1. It's like Mayberry, USA. He stopped because I was pulled over, with flashers.

  15. Your area has such wonderful history. I hope the stone bank can hold another 100 years.

  16. Good luck on your trip, great shot of heron.

  17. That's what I like, Joanne: when one has one's camera ready, one starts to see things (because one is on the look-out).

    1. Quite a lot of "one's", I fear - next time my comment will (hopefully) in better style :-)

  18. Truly your very first corgi, he is a well rounded one.
    But I never met a heron.

  19. I love your river photos, particularly the one with the old bridge spanning it. The Brown Rabbit looks like a wonderful shop, I could browse in there quite happily for a few hours.

  20. what a great tour wonder how they moved those sandstones and love the photo through the door.

  21. The guys with high-viz jackets and clipboards... They seem to operate internationally. I'm sure I've seen them here, in the UK. Is there something sinister going on? :)

  22. the fork you deterrent? to keep kitties out? I might have to try that around the star of india which seems to be one of the cat's go to places.