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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cold icebag!

I went to work today and forgot the ice pack.
But I spent most of the morning taking pictures,
so it would have been a waste.

Some forsythia.

Jonquils at a home in Peninsula.
This fellow spent last fall making bed after bed of dense plantings.

Some naturalized daffs in a park picnic area that used to be some one's home.

Daffs in my own side yard. We never go in there. 
Poison ivy, too.

Anemones and colchium.

Anemones and yucca.

And a little grape hyacinth with miniature leaves, too.
Since the one trip down the salad bar the deer appears not be be back.
I think it wandered off the main trail, between the house and the vegetable garden.
A trip across the front of the house means a jump into the road.
Not quite so safe.

So, I've spent the afternoon with the cold, cold ice pack,
sitting by the Eden Pure.


  1. The colour of the anemones are favourite colours for flowers.
    Hope you're enjoying the acorns.
    Jane x

  2. So pretty to see what is finally blooming after your long cold wet winter! All gorgeous!! Hoping the ice pack is helping!


  3. Somehow I missed yesterdays post.... oh my... what an ordeal! I'd never thought of acorns... we used to freeze the chestnuts when they fell off our trees, but that was to deter the larvae that would emerge ;-) Your flowers are quite colorful.... for some reason our forsythia never looks lush like yours... more like yellow mange or something dreadful.

  4. I love the pictures. This time of year and all the flowers are my favorites

  5. I need to move my daffodils to a spot where I can see them. as it is now, I must go looking for them specifically. while they are just outside the fence, the big turtle pond is in the line of sight.

  6. I grew up on Forsythia Blvd, so your opening photo had me grinning.

  7. Glad you have something good to look at while sitting being iced. I hope it improves your back.

  8. Beautiful photos.

    The last two years my naturalized daffodils sent up green shoots but very few flowers. I wonder if they need to be pulled out so I can start over.

    1. Maybe they need a dose of fertiliser, ask your nurseryman.

  9. Lovely signs of spring. Hope you don't need the ice pack much longer.

  10. I understand the need to get out and enjoy the color but please take it easy.

  11. Please look after your back in these healing stages.
    But thank you for the photos, I love the forsythia.
    I planned on leaving my daffodils to multiply and naturalise, but they've completely vanished. People, or one person nipped off the flowers as they bloomed and the bulbs seem to have disappeared from below the surface too. I have my suspicions as to who it was. This year I'll put daffodils in my side yard instead.

  12. Sunny days and flowers haven't seen too much of these the last couple of days.
    Be careful with that back they are very tricky things.

  13. please don't overdue it, take care of yourself

  14. I love forsythia - the first bush to bloom in our late spring. Take care of that back, eh?

  15. Looks like a pretty good way to spend the day.

  16. Hope you are not suffering consequences from your wanderings. Take it easy!

  17. So glad you're finally getting spring colour! Please take care of your back, and keep us up on how things are going.

  18. Hari OM
    Forgetting the ice pack indicates that the back was not at front of thought as you left for work. The use of it later suggests regretting that oversight... good and bad... take care ol' gal!!! Meanwhile, thanks for taking such glorious and colourful shots to share with us. The forsythia also made my heart warm... but for me it was memories of mother, who adored it.... YAM xx

  19. I love daffodils but hate dealing with the greens afterwards. However, their beautiful faces and bright color always make me smile.

    I hope you did not do more injury to your back walking around taking these lovely spring pictures.

  20. We don't have bulbs. I don't know why.
    I have been to Peninsula.

  21. Hello Joanne,

    These jolly harbingers of spring are so very welcome after the long hard winter which you have had. A joy to look at too and to give hope that all is well in the world. And, how we wish that all will be well in your world with your back. You must take the greatest of care!