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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Clean windows and metaphores

When I came home Tuesday from work it sparkled in the house, and all from clean windows. I hoped Emily and Laura could follow up this morning having a go at all the oak leaves embedded in the pampas grass, out in the big flower garden. 

I found Emily at the front window this morning, wondering if they should make a start on the little triangle garden, too. "But it's raining," I protested. "I know," she said. I can only think they trained her well at the ski run. I gave them the morning off.

We headed off to Aunt Beth's for lunch, to swap Emily for Caroline. Emily can help Aunt Beth at the restaurant, and Caroline and Laura can do whatever two little girls do on school holiday.

Emily, Caroline, Laura and Francis.
Laura is two weeks older than France,
who is taller than I am.
I don't ask any more; he's tired of hearing it.
He's probably in the 5'7 or 8" range.

Just for fun, 2004.
Rebekah and Hamilton,
Emily, Kaitlin (my great niece),
Caroline being restrained, and Laura.

Hamilton, Rebekah, Emily
Laura, Francis, Caroline

Just to get one more, I said "Be as silly as you want."
Francis left. He is 13, you know.


  1. Clean windows. Another thing I need to get to.
    Love, love, love the family photos. And Emily's work ethic. Congratulation oh best of grandmothers...

  2. Good that Emily and Laura can spend some time with their cousins :) Cool too that the windows were cleaned, that's a good ethic you are helping them to establish!


  3. I think I was thirteen, once upon a time. I've never had windows that sparkle. They always have doggie frosting on them.


  4. It's amazing the difference sparkling windows can make.
    Love the family photos.

  5. What fun family photos! Sparkling windows? With four dogs in the house? Never happen!

    Ah, 13. Don't miss it a bit.

  6. Is it Spring Break now? Clean windows, how wonderful, good to see the changes through the years.

  7. They look lovely kids (and I suspect thanks to you).

  8. Hari OM
    Of course he is....

    Ugh... don't mention windows. The five days of sun we just had showed every - I mean every - thing on mine. They can wait a couple weeks more. Today we're back to the winter, as predicted. White hills and lots of wet stuff.

    One day, those kids will be glad you were so keen to keep photo-records.... YAM xx

  9. Imagine her being willing to work outside on a rainy day.

  10. We are replacing the windows this year..It would be a waste of time to clean them.. that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
    Jane x

  11. This is where all your hard work pays off. Kids that want to clean up are a rarity.

  12. Nice pictures of the kids.

  13. they grow up so fast don't they. you've done a good job with them Joanne. good hard workers.

  14. Lovely, lovely, children! They are such a credit to you and to themselves...

  15. Kids do grow up fast -- and change from short toddlers to tall teenagers. I have a feeling that they are a delight to be around. And great they have you to guide them. -- barbara

  16. great photos and clean windows - good combo

  17. If the girls are bored because of the rain my windows need to be cleaned. I welcome them and would even supply all the goodies they wish to eat and drink!

  18. Love the pictures of your grandchildren. Would love somebody to clean my windows for me, birthdays for windows don't happen here very often.

  19. Ah, the unforgiving sun of March which shows the "polvere" and "macchie" (see: I use my time to learn those words for "dust" and "spots" in Italian - sadly that does not eliminate them :-) "Strofinare" - wipe away - "spazzare" - take the broom -- that will help, woman. (Talking to myself).
    I will hire a window cleaner (the rest of household cleaning I always do myself), but our windows are so high, and so many...
    Thank you, Joanne, for your "emerald surprise" - you will hear of me!

  20. Very nice grand children. You must be very proud of them!

  21. They are such beautiful children. What a joy they are!