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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Recovering from grumpy

I added a picture page to the township web site and invited people to send their pictures. They don't, of course, so I keep adding pictures, and people say, "Oh, I like the pictures," and I say, "Great! Why don't you send some!" and they say "Oh, I keep meaning to do that!" Only the public is slower than government.

And, speaking of government, it's been two weeks, and a meeting to discuss our differences has finally been set, for next week, of course. You wonder what causes grumpiness? Don't get me started.

I've been so grumpy (and the weather so rainy), I've even fallen behind on my project to put a picture of every business in the business corridor on the web site. A burst of fifteen, and the last four I just haven't made myself stop for permission.

Yesterday I kicked my self out the door, got permission from one more business, and wandered around taking some "township" pictures. The other problem with township pictures is the editing. First, make them shiny and put on a hallmark, then resize them. That last irritates me. 

Why won't the webmaster let me put up lots and lots of pixels, I want to know. He claims our computers don't need that many pixels to look good, but after my Blogger pictures, I think my township pictures look grainy. While I was doing all that fooling around, I thought of some neat titles for some pictures.

I outsmarted the heron into two good pictures yesterday. The township picture is titled "Heron gone." Love it.

I took these two on the way out my own door. Garden succulents are new to me; my last acquaintance was sixty years ago, looking at them in rock gardens on my way to school. I had no idea they bloomed.

This succulent is happy as a bee in clover. Good to see my neighbor's honey bees, here and in the clover that is our lawn.

These three are from the abandoned horse farm in the park. Brier Rose, the park calls this farm, which makes locals angry, as it is the old Black Farm. I agree with the locals; there is no reason to rewrite history. 

Probably a swallowtail, in the Queen Ann's lace in the field. Getting closer involved a trip up the road and hopping a ditch. The latter isn't going to happen, so I just shot away.

And what is Emily doing this week? Working for Linda at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts at Penn State. Photo by Patrick Mansell in the Penn State News. Hard work, good for you.


  1. Hari OM
    Phab photos Joanne - heron gone indeed!!! Love that one of Emma. It's always the way, is it not, that one sets things a-going and others just love to leave you to it; been in that position a few times myself. Could there be a sense of competition, perhaps? The ten best photos each month only will get posted on the website; then it will be a case of how many times can i get a photo up there!!! YAM xx

  2. What great things your kids are occupied with this summer. They'll come away the better for it.
    Smart Grandma!

  3. I'm always recovering from grumpy; our neighbor asked if I had mental problems, this after we were gone to Florida and she came on our property and cut the lower branches of a pine tree that afforded us some privacy. Now I plan to put in a trellis and plant some evergreen vines. I guess I don't like being accosted by neighbors the second I exit my car. Sure this has nothing to do with your post but being grumpy has it's drawbacks.

    1. You could try brier roses, too. Lots of thorns!

  4. The Heron and its reflexion is excellent!

  5. my grumpiness is related to our move and won't likely dissipate till the shop is back in order.

  6. That heron photo is spectacular, Joanne!

  7. Love the photos - and am in awe at all your grandchildren are achieving this summer. You rock.

  8. I love succulents. Got a few in flower like your picture. Lovely photo of Emily.

  9. Wonderful photos! I like the succulents and the heron is pretty good! Looks like Emily is getting some good experience working with/helping Linda.

  10. I never knew that succulents grew outside in our climate!
    Jane x

  11. I like your photos and I can't pick a grainy one from any other.
    I remember hard work and I remember enjoying it too. It just has to be the right work otherwise it is drudgery no matter how easy it may be.

  12. Your photos all look good to me but I'm used to grainy ones I take a lot of them.

  13. Hi Joanne - I keep reading your comments on blogs I visit and they often make me laugh too. You commented on my blog today so I thought I would pay you a visit. Also I love the title of your blog - nice and Wacky - just as it should be. I am now about to put you on my side bar so that I can visit you more easily.

  14. I know a few people who 'grumpy' is their default position. The thing is, they are boring and tedious to be around, you know they are always going to find something to either find fault with, or see the bad side of something. Too bad really.

  15. Are not those hens and chicks? And if so you will probably kick me off your Blog if I tell you what we call the long and flowering portion.

  16. Love your colorful photos.

  17. So the rug Emily is tying is sold with orders fro 3 more..That's right, Emily, you are advertisement for my business... Keep it up.