Saturday, October 21, 2017

Up, up in the sky

This is half a repost from 2013. But, it began yesterday, in the gym. Kristen had me working away on biceps or triceps or some such, and I looked up and further afield. I knew that back! I jumped up, Kristen following, and went around front. He’ll be more presentable when his wife objects to the beard, but it was Doug. His therapist objected when I focused my phone, but Doug said “It’s OK. I know her. I even like her.”

The first line is a link to the first post, notable mostly for links all over the township. The original story was a lot of fun, so skip on through to it if you like.

At work I went looking for the road guys, to get some paperwork signed.  Down the hall, through the road office, through the road garage, until I spotted them through the open bay doors, out in the yard, looking up, up into the sky.

You know I think the world of these two men.  Tim, the road super, who saved the sunflower from the Memorial Day parade last year.  The sunflower that Doug, the road assistant, and I were charged with watering the week Tim was on vacation.  In one day we nearly baked the poor thing to death, but Doug set up an IV drip of chicken shit water and Sunny was revived.

So, I found Tim and Doug looking way up, and I looked around too, but only saw three planes and their contrails. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is about twenty miles northwest of the town hall, and air traffic is not an uncommon sight.  As I remarked.

“Do you ever wonder if they will crash in the sky; look how close those two are!”

No, I’ve never wondered that, as air traffic controllers are in charge. 

A little disappointed planes in the sky did not fascinate me, Tim added “We’ve seen the President’s plane go over.”

“NO WAY! How did you know?”

“Fighter jet escorts, one on each wing.”

Having the Fiscal Officer suitably impressed, Tim added “Doug’s even seen numbers in the sky.  Tell her, Doug.”

An embarrassed Doug was prodded into his story.  Driving with a buddy, they both remarked on the striking cloud formations ahead of them, clearly, remarkably forming three different numbers.  No question about it, they both saw them and said them.  “We should play those,” Doug’s buddy said.  “Waste of a buck,” Doug said.

At the next gas stop Doug filled the tank and looked around for his friend, who came out of the station folding his lottery ticket.  He’d played the numbers pick three, boxed.  He advised Doug to go buy a ticket.  Doug called him an idiot and they got back on the road.

You know the end.  The buddy won $790.  Doug’s not seen numbers in the sky since.

The sky, yesterday. That perfect blue; a June sky in October.

And, Doug got his new knee. He fought it for at least three years. Now, he'll probably go back for the other knee.


  1. Hari OM
    I'd laugh... but have had a similar experience! Sometimes it doesn't pay to be so rational. &*(
    Lovely that you saw a familiar face and that it triggered this repost! YAM xx

  2. A truly lovely repost.
    And hooray for Doug's new knee.
    And for finding a friend at the gym.

  3. Yes, hooray for Doug's new knee. It seems the wait list is at least 3 years here to get a new knee. I hope he doesn't have to wait that long to get his other knee done.

  4. I have never seen numbers in the sky, but if I ever do I'll be sure to buy a ticket with those numbers on it. Just in case.
    Hooray for a new knee.
    Mine are still okay for now and I hope they stay that way, I don't fancy any more surgery if I can avoid it.

  5. I never had much compassion for folks who suffered ill health till I hurt my back and then I saw the light, it smacked me in the keester so hard I cried.

  6. And Doug is already on the machines - what a man!

    That is a GREAT story about the numbers in the sky.

  7. congrats to Doug on his new knee! I've never seen numbers in the sky, but I don't blame him for taking that 'sign' and running with it to the nearest lottery store!

  8. That is a nice story and you always know how to tell a story.

  9. Still smiling here. Wonderful post, Joanne.

  10. Excellent telling of a fine anecdote.

  11. Numbers in the sky....lucky numbers atd that lol. You're right. He'll look more presentable without the beard.

  12. I saw two jets trying to refuel inflight over my farm. A large, long dryer looking vent kept trying to hook up, but they never did before they flew out of sight. Hope they were just practicing.

  13. I would say he is the lucky winner with that new knee and I am sure he knows it.

  14. hmmm. I'll start paying more attention to the clouds. I tell people I win the lottery every week...the $2 I didn't spend on a ticket.

  15. A fun story. I hope Doug has a fast recovery. I wish your recovery to keep racing along too.

  16. That looks like a nicely done knee. David had both of his knees replaced during the past two years and can now do yard work.