Wednesday, February 19, 2020

With Ruth at the Quilt Show

I looked up more than you want to know about the Conservancy's reforestation project. It will be as heavy as my tour of the Lake Farmpark Quilt show today, with Ruth, and as heavily opinionated. 

So, I advise you to start with the quilt show, which simply will be pictures, and my opinion, where warranted. Let me see if Blogger can swallow all my pictures in one gulp!

Beautiful colors, beautiful piecing, beautiful quilting.
No ribbons.

Detail of quilting at the corner.

Socks. I love the whimsey.

Nice. I liked it. Ruth was hanging around and called me.

Your sister quilted this.
In fact, she quilted a lot of them.

Grandma's Flower Garden, well done. Especially the edges.
There is another Flower Garden. coming up.

Redwork, an American art form from the turn of the last century.
This quilt features Father Christmas.

Nice colors, nicely done. No ribbons.

This quilt flows out from a medallion in the center,
like a windmill. The feeling is flowing.

The quilting includes a racing horse.

I sent this to my sister to look at. The small squares are outlined by four rows of quilting, one thread apart. I asked my sister if that is "humanly possible". I.e., is this done by a computer program?
"Certainly not," she replied. "Look, she missed a few places!"
She sees quilting.

These album quilts are "in". I don't particularly like them.

I love this quilt, and it has so much wrong.
The quilter must be a complete novice.
It has ripples from the poorly measured borders, all three of them.

But the problem starts with the blocks.
The blue borders have little blocks to keep them square,
but the points don't match.

Jan quilted this. Once I realized her work was in the show,
I could pick it out across the room.

A sampler quilt. Dull colors. But, the current palette.

Great colors, in the current palette. The blue and grey sparks it up.

The trees are all applique. A lot of cutting and sewing.

Not my colors, but a lot of people like orange.

French wildflowers.

Down here where the cows are milked, this train model runs around the hall.

This quilt is called "My Mind at 2 A.M."
A blogger wrote about that yesterday.

This small hanging is another current fad.
It is applique of and on felt.

I like this. It has a cat and a dog. And border problems.

"Best of Show"
Another album quilt. Too orange for me.

This small hanging is called "No Y Seams".
Y seams are precise executions, and done well and precisely.
Well deserved ribbon.

"What's for lunch?"

The next two pictures go together. The quilter found this piece of linen on EBay. In quilting it, she has stabilized it forever.
It is a piece of cutwork, an artform my mother loved to make.
A well deserved blue ribbon.

Then we went to lunch.

This is for Allison. Hiking in the Southwest.
No cactus.

Another Flower Garden. I like the quilt's use of optics.

I made this one inch block quilt for Hamilton, ten years ago.
I wonder if he still has it.

These are the same Flying Geese blocks my sister used 
in the quilt she made for me.
These geese are flying south.

I wonder if there are two blocks alike.

There are four pictures of this quilt, called
"Long Ago".
Look for trapunto.
Look for reverse applique.
Just keep looking.

This is a two picture quilt. Above is a Crazy Quilt, the
artists learned from her home health physical therapy patients.

The other side is redwork patterns. The quilter's mother is
an artist who adapted one row of blocks to closely resemble
the quilter, her daughter and her granddaughter.
The quilter embroidered a tiny heart in each of those three.

The End


  1. My wife, who is a quilter, feasted on this post, Joanne, and I am sure will be returning to it.

    1. There was some really breathtaking work there, especially the quilting. I was impressed with the cut work needlework that was quilted, and Long Ago.

  2. I loved the same ones you did. Your sister does wonderful work. The quilt Long Ago is simply magnificent and amazing. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my.
    Thank you. I have embiggened and marvelled and will be back.

  4. These are all great. So much talent! I had a few favorites-I loved the sock one best. I loved the one-inch block one and the Long Ago one, too.

  5. Some of those are so stunning. The amount of work that must go into each one is incomprehensible to me. I'm one of those people who could never get "the points to match", I'd never be any good at something like this. Which is fine with me.

    1. I would make ruffly quilts, too, if I put borders on a quilt. I make the one inch bock type, that just run out at the edge. That way my quilter (my sister) can't make me take off the border and do it right.

  6. I am absolutely in awe of these. I can't imagine how much time goes into each one of these quilts. -Jenn

  7. I wish my mojo would come back. I haven't touched a sewing machine in weeks... and now I have yet another respiratory infection. Is it March yet?? Arrrgh... Just love looking at photos of quilts. The work that went into some of these is like a life's work. Amazing skills and determination. Thanks for sharing... and yes, the one that's 'My mind at 2 O'clock in the morning is JUST like that!' LOL

  8. That is the most quilts I have ever seen in one place. They are all beautiful in there own way and I admire the skill and patience required to create them.

  9. These are amazing, and intimidating. I liked especially the ones you liked that got no ribbons, the less traditional ones. But the quilting of pictures blew my mind! Thank you!

  10. My favorites are the crazy quilt and the one with the chicken. I love a good quilt show too.

  11. These were wonderful to look! I am in awe of your sister's talent!


  12. I love a quilt show! You are right, the quilting on these is amazing. The cutwork quilt is very special and I love that the maker of that quilt thought of the person that made the piece of linen as she worked on it.

  13. I just love a good quilt show and there are some real beauties there! Coincidentally, my next post on Friday is going to be about the new quilt on my bed!

  14. It's been years since I've been at that show! I love seeing your photos of it and reading your comments.

  15. WOW! Amazing and incredible! I love the design of the first one, but I have to say - at the end of the day - that I prefer the quilting that is done by hand rather than by machine. I have only ever made two quilts and I can't bear to part with them! I think you should ask your readers to send in pics of their favourite quilt (rather like John Gray does) and see what emerges.

    1. There were a decent number of hand quilted quilts. I regret not studying them more closely; there were several I liked.

  16. Hari OM
    THANK YOU JOANNE!!! Am forwarding this post to Mac1 for lust!!! YAM xx

  17. This is a post I will return to several times, everything is so beautiful.

  18. I have never been to a quilt show and even Mrs D would have had difficulty in persuading me to accompany her to one, until now - some of those are brilliant: I'd go just to see the socks.

  19. I so enjoyed this post Joanne. Such beautiful work!

  20. Unbelievable works of art! If I had a hundred lifetimes I could not make one of these. The linen one may be my favorite. Impossible to pick, truly, and if I were actually there, actually seeing them in real life I might feel differently. Thank you, Joanne, for sharing these.

  21. These a beautiful works of art. I don’t like orange either, but don’ mind some shades when used as an accent color.

  22. I absolutely LOVE quilt shows. Did some quilting in years past, but nowhere near that caliber.
    I think few people realize that true quilting isn't just scraps of fabric sewn together. It's the hand stitching, a dying art in this time of machine quilting.
    These are the best I've ever, ever seen.

  23. Lucky you to have seen some great quilts!!!

  24. When I saw the title of your post I thought Hmm... not sure about quilts? As i delved deeper, the wonderful quilts wove their magic, I was hooked, even enlarging the photo’s to see the glory much more clearly. To say I have been converted is the understatement!


  25. What a feast for the eyes Joanne, thank you. I do have my favourites and I'm with you on the orange. Not a fan, it is a nothing shade to me, but blues and greys, And that cutwork! extraordinary!


  26. I've only been to one quilt show. it's an amazing rt form. I can't even imagine the time it takes to hand quilt some of those amazing complicated patterns that are so subtle. thanks for these images. I wonder at some of the ribbons though.

  27. There is such a wonderful American tradition of quilting, you don't see anything like it anywhere else. I really think there is astonishing talent here. Museum quality. I wonder and have always wondered why needlework isn't valued more by the general public. Such wonderful stuff I have seen over so many years, and yet the makers are so often anonymous or nobody has even heard of them. I puzzle about the reason. Anyhow there are so many of these which I would love on my wall. Perhaps my favourite is "Long Ago" but I also like the quilted cutwork. Actually there is too much good stuff to choose a favourite.

    1. I may write a post on that, Jenny. It is something I've given thought to and have my own answers.

  28. Thrilled by all the quilt pictures you posted! The socks quilt was so fun.

  29. from your pictures my favorite would be No Y Seams. I like the squares and triangles. The triangles appear to present some secret code.

  30. I love the "my mind at 2 a.m." and the chicken, and also the linen cutwork on silk with beads - what a wonderful way to preserve that piece. I do prefer simpler quilts but they are all works of art in their different ways. Thanks for the tour! Love the chicken feet on the tiles! Was that the indicator for finding food or washrooms? lol

    1. The footprint tiles went to the cafeteria. Nearer the door they also were joined by horseshoes.

  31. Beautiful, wonderful quilts. I saw a dozen I want/need/loved. Lovely art work.

  32. Bob and I agree... wonderful stuff... wonderful work!!

  33. Dear Joanne, thank you. Over the years, I've looked at other blogs that featured quilts, but they've never given any kind of critique. The info you provided will help me appreciate what I'm seeing if I ever get to go to a quilt show. I especially liked and appreciated your close-up of the actual quilting. It is amazing. Peace.

  34. What amazing work! I particularly like the socks quilt and would give up my first born (had I one) for the red and white "Long Ago" quilt. Fantastic stuff!

  35. Wow. Those are some amazing pieces of work. Thanks for sharing.

  36. I like the desert quilt very much! The quilting was just amazing; so much teeny tiny detail. Several years ago there was an art installation somewhere on the subject of the ignoring of women's art. One piece was a quilt that had been cut into little pieces and spilled out of a bag onto the floor. The maintenance people kept sweeping it up and discarding it.

  37. These are fantastic. The stitching is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing.

  38. The geometric flower (my description) on black really stood out to me.

  39. I’ve been to a couple of quilt shows a long time ago, but never saw so many and of such high quality. I’m totally blown away. How do judges decide? They all deserve a ribbon!