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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Walrus

Among other things, yesterday, I hit upon what the Walrus said. “Suck it up, Buttercup.”  I went to lunch with my sister, who said she was so glad to hear Laura is getting over her teenage angst. 

Interestingly, I heard “Suck it up, Buttercup.” I hoped to create an opening to discuss family relations, but fared badly. She was happy to hear my neighbor and I will share Bob Evans take out for Thanksgiving.

The indoor band concert was last Saturday. The “leave your hearing aids at the door” concert. We do warn people. Just this minute I checked back for the last time I used my camera, and it was May 1st. I downloaded the D.C. pictures, and presumably, because it’s what I always do, charged the camera. In fairness, May 1st was six months ago.

At the band concert I found Laura on the opposite end of the stage than I expected. I snapped a picture or two, and planned to move to the other side of the auditorium at the band’s convenience. I took another shot and then the camera shut down. “Suck it up, Buttercup.” Battery life is not forever.

Laura’s trumpet section is on the right. Our trumpeter is the short nose with ear muffs. The band does not wear hats for the indoor show, and headgear of their choice is the order of the day. I like the screenshot from the video before the show. “Half time is our time.”

I asked Laura if her mother and Bekka were at the show. Yes. “Mom did homework the whole time and Bekka helped with the uniform, ‘to remember her band days.’”

“Suck it up, Buttercup.” Giving Bekka an envelope of money to celebrate her trade school graduation and another to celebrate her birthday a month ago doesn’t obligate her to thank the person her mother trained her to hate. Along with the last oyster, the Walrus mentioned “the right thing may be the hardest thing you ever do, Buttercup.”

Today was wall to wall sunshine. I had breakfast with Linn, and heard about her trip to haunted Disneyland (the one in Florida). Laura would have loved it, she said. This afternoon I took the camera out. A new high school is being built down the road. It features a very red crane. I tried pictures from across the street a couple of weeks ago, and was told to leave the property. Insensitive oafs. I put a lot of pictures in the camera today, to show off later in the week.

On the way home I stopped at River Light Gallery. I met Diana at the door, and said “ The buffalo plaid.” I worked it out. We wove this no later than 1989. It was before we hired a sewer, and I sewed it. And, I sewed on the buttons. By hand. It was way before the Husquevarna, that made lovely buttonholes and sewed buttons on. Buttercup left smiling.


  1. I love the plaid and the wooden buttons. I don't find wooden buttons very often. When I do I buy a few to have on hand just in case I make something that needs wooden buttons, ha ha.

    It's too bad some people don't have good manners. Even if the young lady doesn't like you due to her mother's influence she should at least thank you for the gift you gave to recognize her achievement. However as we all know, life and people don't quite work that way. Just know you did good by her and that is enough.

    I'm sorry your battery died but at least you got some photos of the concert. Everyone looks so great on stage.

  2. Love the buffalo plaid :)
    I almost couldn't spot Laura in that second photo, those other kids are huge!

  3. It's hard to love someone and not know that they love you back. But you are taking the high road and the scenery is so much nicer there.

  4. As Michele Obama said, “ When they go low, we go high” which is probably the same as Suck it up, Buttercup. It is frustrating but it is the better way to go. You have done the right thing and have no control over those that don’t. They have to live with themselves, and that can’t be easy.

  5. Or as my sister always tells me, "put your big girl panties on." Such is life. I do believe in the old axiom that no good deed goes unpunished. Sometimes anyway.

  6. Some people who should know better just don't. Laura is just so lucky to have you, her siblings will know that some day.

  7. In my experience, "suck it up buttercup" is not a supportive, helpful or kind thing to say to someone. It translates to "quit your bellyaching" which translates to "I couldn't care less what you feel." So I'm thinking you were not impressed by what came from your sister's lips. And I'm not impressed by what didn't come from Bekka upon receipt of your gifts. Cripes. I'm afraid that would be the last gift she received if it was coming from me!

    Damn it, Joanne. We care. But we are not THERE.

  8. I am so glad that Buttercup left smiling.
    I love the plaid, I love the buttons. I am hissing and spitting (like a kettle or a deranged cat) about rather a lot of the rest of it. S

  9. Wow, good work if it lasted from 1989! Sometimes we all have to suck it up Buttercup; not matter if we don't want to.


  10. I am so glad you keep bloging, we need you here in blogland Joanne.

  11. Hari Om
    My younger sister is coming up for the weekend to Edinburgh. I was here and settled. I got a message late last night with a request I vacate the bed I am in because she is bringing a friend. I am now camped on the dining room floor. That;s younger siblings for ya... When father is gone, how much contact we will actually have may be considerably less than the twice a year now. Who understands families really?

    All I know is capital ell Love resides at your place and so does Laura and that is might fine. As is that handiwork which makes buttercups smile!!! YAM xx

  12. "Hired a sewer" was made clear by the rest of the sentence. :)

  13. your sister and your daughter both are a real piece of work. all the goodness in your family landed in you it seems. sad for them. you'll have a better time with your neighbor on Thanksgiving. and the high road may be lonely at times but the air is much clearer up there.

  14. You are an amazing person. I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading your latest post. In the midst of such family injustice, I trust that you will be vindicated someday within your larger family. And they will tell stories about your strength and strong character. Songs will be sung! And they will be sorry they didn't treasure you when they had the chance.

    1. They are my family. I am the eldest; the matriarch. Snort.

  15. The plaid is beautiful, Joanne.

    I always enjoy your band updates. My husband always felt like he was having his nails pulled out when we went to our daughter's band cancerts. We may live to attend the same with grandchildren. He willneed medication for those again!

  16. What ever happened to proper etiquette? I used to make my kids write thank you notes for gifts. Oddly enough, they did not follow my example and I always have to ask if my gift was received. I hate that.

  17. I'm glad the day ended with a smile. I played trumpet in high school, too-makes me feel a kinship with Laura. Didn't Becca live with you for awhile also? Or was that another Grand. I'm sorry there's a strain there.

  18. We have to see the up sides along with the downsides or we won't be able to continue!! I'm 'sucking it up, Buttercup' today too!