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Saturday, September 10, 2016


Laura and I went to the old house and brought back a shopping bag of fall blooming crocus,

The flower tower looks mighty nice this year.
Don't know what we will do with it.

We planted the bag full of crocus in the back half of our garden.
Just wait, in two or three years they will be coming up through the wooly thyme ground cover.

Homecoming is in two weeks.
We went with good friend Gia to a shop that recirculates prom dresses.
They ask for a donation, twenty dollars for short dresses, forty for long.

After the prom, we can take the dress back for another girl to use.

A grape?

"You're OK with a bare midriff?"
This question went back and forth.
One of us wasn't.
Hint--not me.

This family of shoes came in.
The little girl's strappy sandals caught my eye.
But the story was sisters in Converse and flats. 
The flats picked out a dress and asked Converse to try it on,
"So I can see how it will look on me."
Converse refused, because Converse would spoil the look.  

And back in the real world, here is the pick.

Laura used to have a pair of Converse.
I wonder what became of them.


  1. How I love the way that bulbs multiply. And move.
    Love that final selection too.
    And the idea of being able to return a dress for someone else to shine in...

  2. What a great way to shop for a dress. Beautiful and reasonably priced. Love the choice.

    The flower tower is lovely. How wonderful to have those crocuses well.

  3. Black Converse with a few spangles would be a great accessory.
    I'm extremely impressed with the whole used dress thing.
    And she looks great. That's something I would have liked in my salad days.

  4. Hari OM
    Can't beat the little black number... that is just gorgeous, and actually would handle being worn with Converse. It's a thing... glad some crocus have been rehomed. YAM xx

  5. Cute dress, some scrappy Converses might make a match.

  6. Ah, that final choice suits Laura so well. What a great idea for dresses - reasonably priced, they get used more than once or twice, everybody gets something new to them. Is that a school initiative or privately run?

    1. No, it's a couple of women on a mission. Patrons can also make a $25 donation that will supply dress, shoes and accessories. If you cannot pay, pick up pre-paid donation cards around the shop and present it in lieu of money.

    2. Wow - kudos to those ladies! Pretty amazing set-up.

  7. I like the dress she chose too. I also thought she looked good in the simple blue but after looking at both pictures a few times she made the best choice. She will be lovely.

  8. How can Laura be old enough to go to Homecoming? But I know she is a freshman this year. I like the dresss! I also like the organization that does this.


  9. I love that dress thing! So far progressed from my "prom" days of the 1950's... and so much more practical! Which make me think of your crocuses (croci?)... I have daffodils on our farm that are the successors of bulbs I planted in the early 1960's.... and they are still prolific all these years later. Yes... please folks, recycle, reuse, it's still good... dress, flower bulbs, whatever..... it may still have lots of use left!

  10. Glad you could save the bulbs.

  11. I do like Laura's final choice, that's just beautiful!
    So lovely that you could get some of the crocus. I'm sure you'll think of something to do with the flower tower.

  12. autumn crocus are just coming into flower here too Joanne.

    That dress is lovely - how wonderful to be young! I believe that proms are becoming fashionable over here now too.

  13. They all looked lovely, but she does look beautiful in black.

  14. She is very pretty, and has a really great smile. I hope she has a wonderful time. I am also glad you got the crocuses!!!

  15. Hey, my daughter wore white ones with her wedding dress!

  16. I was wondering about the crocuses. so glad you went and got them. and Emily looks lovely in the dress but I wouldn't say the blue had a bare midriff.

    1. The lace band had open holes. I am so amused by the comfort level of 14 year olds.

  17. Very pretty dress. When my daughter attended her first high school dance, we couldn't afford a dress. A young nurse with whom I worked offered three dresses she'd worn to dances in high school. My daughter tried them on. One was perfect. The daughter looked so beautiful. Happy memory.


  18. I love the dress she picked. My favorite was the blue one. I wish we had a shop like in our town. I cannot stand the thought of paying $$$$ for a dress that will probably only be worn once. Harley had a date to homecoming and then she broke it off. So I got lucky this year.

  19. recirculates prom dresses - great idea

  20. Great choice of dress. Your crocus will look wonderful x

  21. Lovely dresses, Joanne - but what are 'converse'?

  22. Bringing some plants from the old to plant in the new is excellent! The dress she chose is lovely!